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The Natural Sciences Institute was founded in 1921 to carry out scientific investigations at Perm University. Now the Institute plays the leading role in the whole research work of the University. There are three major scientific departments in the Institute the Chemical Department, the Radio-ecological Department and the Department of the Environmental protection. 
Chemical Department
 The scientific staff of this Department perform the research on: 
• the new methods of synthesis of new organic and organoelement compounds and their chemical transformations; 
• nonwastered technologies in galvanics and estimation of corrosion resistance of different materials; 
• synthesis and investigation of new electroconducting organic materials, constructing of the electroconducting mono- and multi-molecularfilms; 
• the combined physico-chemical and biological investigations of polymers used in particular in constructing of biomedicalproducts (the bioprosthetic appliances); 
• the investigation of solubility in the mutual aqueous-saline systems. 
Radioecological Department
 The collaborators of this Department deal with: 
• mechanisms of radiation; effects on plants and animal organisms; search for the new forms of protection of living organisms from the effect of the high doses of radiation; investigation of the new types of living organism adaptation to the constant irradiation on the radioactive polluted territories; 
• the improvement of the nuclear chemical method of generation of carbenium and nitrenium ions by the processes of -decay and investigation of their reactions with polycentral nucleophiles. 
Department of the Environmental Protection
 This Department investigates: 
• the methods of reduction of heavy metal pollution; recommendations for decrease of pollution intensity by means of creation of artificial geochemical barriers; 
• migration of heavy metals in the environment; recommendations for the recultivation of areas polluted with heavy metals; 
• evaluation of the influence of the industrial pollution on the natural forest reconstruction; proposals for intensification of the forest reconstruction processes; 
• hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrogeological processes in the artificialreservoirs of the Kama river basin; estimation of the water quality, the state of ground accumulations, the thermal regime of the reservoirs, the influence of reservoirs on the ichthyofauna and fish industry; 
• causes and effects of technogenic processes which are active on the territory of Perm region; 
• the human impact on the environment.
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