Q: What is an endowment fund?
A: An endowment fund is a fund, which creates assets that are invested for the long term and intended to provide a permanent source of financial support for the university.
Q: How does it work?
A: Contributors make gifts to Fund, forming the capital. Fund transfers this capital to Management company, which invest money for different programs. Income from management of the capital comes back to the University. Thus, traditionally the income is spent only for projects, and the main capital remains inviolable.
Q: Who can be the contributors?
A: Contributions can be made by anyone interested in contributing to the Fund.
Q: What are the advantages of establishing an endowed gift?
A: An endowment allows you to fulfill your own personal philanthropic goals while helping support the needs and mission of the University. Endowments may be established for many reasons including to:
* permanently honor a loved one or mentor;
* say thank you for an education;
* celebrate personal and professional accomplishments;
* perpetually support educational excellence at University;
* assist today's students to become the leaders of tomorrow;
* leave your permanent legacy.
Endowment offers you benefits in the form of tax benefits under both state and federal laws.
Q: Why are gifts important to Perm University?
A: Every year, the university supplements thousands of rubbles of tuition for each student and helps fund research grants and fellowships to attract and retain the best faculty. But the financial market in Russia isn't stable. Donor support not only helps smooth out the impact of short-term market volatility on endowment payout, but it also increases the amount of money being invested, making larger investment returns possible.

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