30 students from Oxford Pass Summer Research Program at PSU

30 students from Oxford have come for a summer internship at PSU. Young scholars from one of the oldest universities in UK specialize in Chemistry, Biology and Geology. 

"Every year it’s more visiting students. Back in 2012, at the start of the Summer Research Program, PSU used to accept only 4 people, now their number has increased at times. Upon the Oxford "word of mouth", the reason for the Program popularity is our strong research base, experienced tutors and caring attitude towards the undergraduate folks, "- comments Ms Lyudmila Kadzhaya, the Program Curator and Head of the International Contacts Unit at PSU.  

During their internship, exchange students get a chance to lay a hand on the equipment previously inaccessible for them – due to the fact it’s being used in Britain mostly by professional researchers.  That provides an opportunity to exercise in “grown-up” research, stretching out theoretical knowledge. In addition to everyday classes and labs, Oxford students participate in field practices, studying rare species of plants and animals, collecting samples of rocks and minerals. A course in Russian language, as well as a variety of sightseeing tours traditionally complement the curriculum. Beyond the PSU campus the students will go to for a six-day rafting along the remote Vishera River, accompanied by PSU instructors and internship tutors.

Looking back, Perm and Oxford became twin cities due to initial friendly relations between our universities. Since 2012, when the Summer Research Program was launched, more than a hundred Oxford students passed their internship at PSU. Oxford University Internship Program Yearbook 2016 came with a handful of advice and impressions about Perm - the previous summer in Perm, outracing Moscow and St. Petersburg placements. So far none of the world-rated universities offered internship courses that can boast so many participants from Oxford.

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