Global Challenges of Modern Times: Scholars on Rotation of the Universe, Digital Art and Chemistry Break-Throughs

What are the challenges of the present? What lessons do we learn from the past? The "Science and Global Challenges of the 21st Century" Forum takes place at PSU.

More than 700 scholars from Russia and worldwide meet to discuss the threats and opportunities of globalization in various spheres of social life, with science and education looking for solutions, developing strategies, facing challenges and managing risks.

The Forum will host a wide range of events uniting scientists, schoolchildren, students, graduates and post-graduates, teachers, managers and experts in production and business. 7 conferences, 2 round tables, including skype-sessions, as well as championships, exhibitions and competitions are on the schedule.

The topics for discussion are various spheres of applied knowledge: from neural network intelligence, digital art and safe communications to transitions within digital economy, 3D modeling and revolution in chemistry, over past 100 years.

During the Forum, participants will be able to visit round tables devoted to modern cosmology, learn about the rotation of the Universe, discuss “grey” economy. An exhibition and competition in robotics - software and hardware solutions by Russian researchers in health industry, human sciences as well as "smart home" will be presented.

Students from higher institutions around Perm will compete at II Youth Championship in solving chemical problems and the VI Open mathematical competition in mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry and informatics.

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