International Conference ‘Methodology of the Humanities’

On October 12th, on the day of Perm State University’s jubilee, in the Faculty of Philology and Sociology took place an international scientific conference entitled ‘Methodology of the Humanities’.
Students, professors, and collaborators from PSU as well as guests from the USA, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom attended this conference.
The conference was organized around three axes. The first axis was devoted to the methodological problems of theoretical and applied psychology. The first speaker Luis de Lecea, Professor of psychiatry and behavioural science at Stanford University Medical School (USA) delivered a paper titled ‘Neurobiology Answers Philosophy: Neurones, the Seat of Ethical Decision-Making’. Professor de Lecea discussed how the moral decision-making process takes place, if animals possess moral qualities and whether those qualities can be innate.
Luis de Lecea, Stanford University Medical School (USA)
Doctor György Sárvári, a coaching and organizational specialist, director of ‘Neosys Organisational Development and Consulting Ltd.’, conducted an interactive master class. Mister Sárvári talked about the methodological problems surrounding self-presentation.
H-D Knöll Professor at Leuphana University in Lüneburg (Germany) concluded the work of the first module. He introduced to the audience the first results of his research on the contribution of Russian (and Soviet) psychologists to the transition period (from the Soviet Union to the post-Soviet Russia).
H-D Knöll, Leuphana University in Lüneburg (Germany)
The second axis was dedicated to both the methodological problems of the teaching literature and the research on this field, especially the analysis of classical literature's significance today. Alexandre Strokanov professor and director of the Institute of Russian Language, History and Culture at Lyndon State College (USA) interpreted Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment through the prism of the American exceptionalism theory. He drew parallels between the views and behaviour of Rodion Raskolnikov and the current foreign policy conducted by American elites. 
Alexandre Strokanov, Lyndon State College (USA)
Doctors Beverly Moon and Christie Riddle, as well as Professor Michelle Johansen representing Delta State University from Cleveland (USA), and Marina Kalachnikova, associate Professor at Saint-Petersburg State University’s Liberal Arts faculty, also participated in the works of the second module.
Professors from Delta State University
Charles MacAdams Delta State University’s Vice-Rector for academic questions opened the third part of the conference with his presentation titled ‘Six Elements of an Effective Management in the Higher Education System’. Paul Aitken, Professor at the University of Birmingham, management consultant and CEO of ‘Mastering Leadership Agility’, conducted an open seminar on ‘The Current Problems in the Research and Practice of Leadership’. Professors, students, young leaders, and intellectuals from Perm actively took in the discussion animated by the speaker. 
Charles MacAdams and Paul Aitken
In the course of the conference’s work, foundations for further research and experimentations were laid. The importance of the higher education and, of research at the University was also affirmed.
The faculty of Philology and Sociology once again congratulates everyone on the occasion of the University’s centenary and hopes for a deeper co-operation with the scholars visiting PSU on this special day.

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