International Groove at PSU Students Club

21 May the International 2018 Fest took place at PSU - uniting dozens students from Middle East and China, attracting wider audience from Perm.

How does it feel to be a newcomer? What challenges foreign students observe when studying in Russia? Where do we find strength for a change?

Supported by fans and friends from campus and beyond, young folks from Iraq and China performed in a play, with dancing, singing and poetry numbers.

PSU International Department, Faculty of Philology, PSU Student Club and Public Affairs Departments joined their efforts to promote international students' initiatives.

Masha Kalashnikova (Мария Калашникова), student at Faculty of Philology attempts the venue for the second year, with a growing success. "I just wanted to feel my strive is not in vain”, - Masha (Мария Калашникова) says.

After graduating a 1 year Russian language course applicants choose subjects and university for their future studies. PSU will gladly see the International 2018 participants as its students.

Please see for International 2018 Fest pictures here.

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