Perm State University Celebrated its Centenary with 45 International Academics

Forty-five scholars from different parts of the world arrived at Perm State University to congratulate on its centennial jubilee. There were academics from such universities as the University of Oxford, the University of Western Montana, the University of Louisville, the China University of Petroleum (Quingdao) and many others.
A programme for them was versatile. It contained both academic events - symposiums, workshops, conferences – as well as cultural induction activities – city break tour, exhibitions, theatres, museums, etc. Some guests had already been familiar with Russia. However, for many it was their first time in Perm.
Relations between PSU and its partner universities from abroad were established in early 1990s when Perm became an open city. Personal contacts established with professors turned into a long-standing friendship and a fruitful co-operation between universities. The links with the Universities of Oxford and Manchester are perfect examples of such successful partnerships including different exchange programmes, internship projects and joint research activities.

Letters and messages from foreign colleagues, expressing their gratitude:
The first impression that I had about Perm State University is this feeling of an effervescent life. Here everything is moving, growing and changing. We have with you a lively ever-strengthening partnership. Students and professors go on exchanges and internships, this is very healthy. I am glad to be here in this very university for this crucial and historical moment that is the centenary.’  (Diane Wright, Associate Dean, School of Business Manchester Metropolitan University's) 
My dear colleagues, <…> Thank you very much for your warm hospitality and generosity. I did enjoy my visit to Perm.
Believe me, there are no other universities in Europe and the rest of the world that are able to match your high standards of organisation, generosity and hospitality.
Thank you very much indeed” (Dr Anna Ponomareva, Imperial College London)
I am happy that I had the chance to represent Ohio Northern University at the celebration of Perm State University's 100th anniversary celebration. I had the opportunity to give a brief speech, and fortunately I didn't mess it up. I remembered to mention that ONU and PSU students have been talking together for several years.
For taking part, we were presented with a plaque that contains a cutting from a palm tree that was planted by PSU's founders in 1916. Too cool! Spassiba!” (Russel Crawford, Assosiate Professor of History, Ohio Northern University).

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