Perm University Endowment Fund

Today, three weeks after the fund registration, the first contribution was brought to Perm University Endowment Fund. It was founded by the Rector of the Perm University Igor Makarikhin.
"We are going to create the progressive financial mechanism, and I am glad that I am the first person, who helped University to take a step in the new direction", - declared the Rector.
According to the legislation, now the Endowment Fund has a year to collect 3 million rubles and to use Management company services. Only after that the University will receive the first funds for implementation of its programs. 
"Now we are at the starting point and we need support of our friends. I invite everyone who wants to leave traces in history of Perm University and Perm Krai, to become contributors of Endowment Fund. Probably, your help will be the most important!" – Igor Makarikhin added. 
We remind that except the formation of the capital, the Fund must choose the members of the Board of Trustees, responsible for finance distributing, which is formed by the public persons, professors, and the main contributors. 

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