Professors from PSU went on an exchange in Oxford University

Six professors from Perm State National Research University took part in Oxford University's ‘British culture and institutes’ programme. The participants were: Ilya Rogotnev, deputy dean of the Philology Faculty and Lecturer at the Russian Literature Department, Lyudmila Klimenko, member of the Physics Faculty, Daria Vassilenko, senior professor at the Department of English Language and Intercultural Communication, Anna Pecherkina, junior professor at the Developmental Psychology, Anton Makarov, junior research assistant at the Biochemistry Department and Yulia Granatova, junior professor at the Political Science Department and Director of PSU innovation department in charge of  the development of the university’s innovative potential.
For three weeks the participants attended lectures and seminars, which aimed to provide a better and deeper understanding of, Britain’s political, juridical and social spheres, British history and culture, and of the future the British educational and legal system after the Brexit and the constitutional crisis it created. In the course of their exchange, the professors met with representatives of the Oxford council and the city’s administration, but also with an editor at the BBC’s World Service, businessmen, doctors, as well as school teachers and professors. They also attended a working session at the House of Commons, visited the Royal court and the new leisure centre for the underprivileged.
Meeting with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford Colin Cook, Oxford City Town Hall
’From politics and history to education and culture, Karen Hewitt’s sharp wit and logic showed us all the complexity of the current processes at play in Great-Britain as well as the challenges they are facing. We were introduced to representatives coming from very different parts of the British society, but also with Oxford professors and students. We learnt better practices and found out the main problems the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have to battle with,’ shared Yulia Granatova.
Seminar with Karen Hewitt
This programme is a part of the academic exchange, which the twin cities Oxford and Perm conduct annually. The organizer of the exchange and Professor at Oxford and Perm Universities, Karen Hewitt, has been involved in the development of the cultural co-operation between our two cities for more than 30 years. This past September, PSU received a delegation from Oxford, whose members were reciprocally introduced to the Russian culture and institutes.
Trafalgar Square
We have witnessed once more, what an important role the educational environment plays. Oxford is one of the world cultural centre, where for a thousand years have been developed unique infrastructures, including religious, educational and cultural institutes. Our exchange allowed us not only to dive into the problematic of the contemporary British reality, but also to substantially deepen our understanding of the great cultural models directly influencing the social life’ — Ilya Rogotnev.
International Department

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