PSU Launches Inter-Disciplinary Courses in Digital Humanities

The PSU Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology announced application for the MA Course "Digital Technologies in Socio-Cultural and Art Practices".

The course teaches skills to preserve and transfer cultural heritage using modern information technologies. MA students will be involved in creating digital museums and libraries, analyze texts with the use of computer technologies, create interfaces for robots-humans interaction, study computer games' impact on modern culture.

Each discipline is one of a kind - if compared with local courses or those tought on a national level. Initially and specifically most of them are developed for the present MA Course, including the studies in Concepts and Approaches of Digital Humanities - a part of the Course supported by a grant from the Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation.

“In collaboration with the PSU Center for Digital Humanities, the students will master tasks in 3D modeling. In addition, they will work with real exhibits from Perm museums, ” says Dinara Gagarina, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technologies, Department of Contemporary Russian History. “This will allow us to develop digital museum network on a local level. ”

The MA graduates will obtain competencies required among art critics and exhibition curators, venue managers and producers. They might be involved into a broad field of socio-cultural research and seek employment at museums, archives and libraries.

PSU have recently launched two more graduate courses. The "Lawyer in Criminal Justice" MA course will teach latest computer technologies in detection of crimes, and prepare future judges, detectives and lawyers in criminal justice.

The Faculty of History and Politics and the Center for Comparative Historical and Political Studies have started the "Historical Politics" MA course concentrating on the influence of politics in interpretation of historically controversial events.


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