PSU Student from Côte d’Ivoire to Share Incites on Beating the Cold, and the Getting the Thrills of Studying in Russia

Are you a foreign student taking first steps on Russian snowy soil? Or, are you a native student in search of creative interaction, cultural experience? Interested in sharing ideas, successful projects or questions?

On Monday, 18 November, 4:30pm, hostel #8 (PSU campus, 5th Genkel St., floor 2, study hall), an orientation meeting will be held on the adaptation of foreign students to the university environment.

The purpose of the meeting is to help students from abroad navigate the university and the Russian-speaking environment, informing them about the rules of living and behavior in society. The initiative to hold the meeting belongs to Priscille Obli (Côte d’Ivoire), a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology, PSU.

“When I first came here, it was quite difficult for me to get any lifehacks from my own experience. Sometimes friends would help me. Today, as I learnt more, I would like to share this with other foreign students - so that they become better acquainted with the new university, city and life in Russia, ” Priscille shares her impressions.

In cooperation with the Department of International Relations, PSU, and the Student Palace of Culture, Priscilla will talk about the rules of registration, residence in a hostel, medical insurance, the use of banking services and academic performance in the educational process.

Priscilla would like to draw particular attention to the information resources of Perm State University: “I often scroll the news on the PSU web site, but for some reason we use PSU social networks less. At the same time, we do have something to share. I would like to find friends here and more topics for communication, ” says Priscille.

Russian-speaking students are also invited to join, sharing ideas and experience of interaction with foreign students, including creative activity, sports and research projects. At the end of the meeting, Priscille has prepared a fun surprise - a symbolic cocktail party and lively communication.


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