PSU Student from Somalia Shares Impressions on Russia

On 23-24 October, Sochi (Russia) hosted the Summit and the Russia-Africa Economic Forum (ЭкономическийфорумРоссия- Африка), inviting leaders of all African states and major organizations to participate. About 6.000 people participated in the Forum, including 1.900 international guests and 1.400 representatives of Russian business. The Forum was attended by more than 40 state leaders and 120 ministers from different countries.

For many Russian higher institutions, this is surely a notable event, reflecting the shift of educational market, with more African ‘players’ stepping in. Recently, there are 18 undergraduate students and 2 college students from 11 African countries studying at Perm State University. This is roughly about 10-15% of the whole international students’ community at PSU.

PSU African student’s origins include Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Mali, Marocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Somali, Tunisia, Zambia. The prior choices by African students are natural sciences. Some choose social studies and languages. The faculties of Chemistry, Geography, Geology, History and Politics, Philology and Physics.

We have talked to Ali Mohamed Daahir Carraale, PSU student from Somalia and asked him questions about studying in Perm and Russia.

Ali Mohamed Daahir Carraale (Somalia):

“I am studying at the Faculty of Geology, Perm State University, full-time BA course student. Also, I am studying agricultural technologies as a part-time student at Perm State Agrarian and Technological University. Earlier, in Somalia, I received education in Pharmacology. I enjoy learning things. My father is an educated person, a government official, an example and model to follow. In the future, I would like to study political science. This is already a hobby of mine, as I constantly watch and read news about politics - for example, the Russia-24 channel, the 60 Minute Live Program. ”

“I like the Perm State University campus, especially in the summer, when it is fresh and green outside. You have a wonderful river, I like to walk along the Kama embankment, and enjoy fountains of the Drama Theater. I also visit the city mosque, as I am Muslim. Perm is a beautiful and interesting city, in terms of history. Our country is known for the wisdom of its people and beauty of the language. One of the indigenous Somali traditions is camel breeding. Half a century ago, each family would have a herd of its own, 300-500 camels. We also love horses, I enjoy riding horses myself. ”

“Our student traditions are also similar to yours: we perform art numbers, enjoy graduation concerts, and exchange give gifts. I would like to wish Russian students happiness, success and mood to smile. If translated into Russian, my favorite saying in Somali is “Learning is always a joy”, or “Learning is the key to success”. I gradually got used to Russia, both to the Urals and to winter. Of course, I miss home sometimes. I often talk to my father on Skype, and even share tips when it comes to health issues in my family, as my first education was in pharmacy. ”

In 2018-2019, 368 international students from 43 countries have been studying at Perm State University (PSU). Of these, 30 students were trained on a budgetary basis, i.e. received scholarships, according to the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Education prices in Perm successfully compete Moscow prices, but the level of academic competences is truly competitive.

As a rule, the applicants had to first pass a 9-month course in Russian language, before they chose undergraduate courses of their liking. Perm State University provides such a course, accompanied by the registration with all the necessary administrative bodies, which allows our students to apply for full BA (4 years) and MA (2 years) courses anywhere in Perm, and across Russia, including Perm State University.

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