Students from the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures went on an exchange at the Higher School of Interpreters and Translators (ESIT) in Paris

For a month they perfected their translation skills together with students from all around the world, having the opportunity to assimilate experience with professionals. The Sorbonne-Nouvelle is renowned for its formation of the European Union’s translators.
The finishing students Anastasia Astafeva, Anastasia Bobrikova and Elena Mezentseva (Department of Linguistics and Translation, in Russian) went on a translation exchange in one of the most prestigious European educational institutions, the Higher School of Interpreters and Translators (ESIT) at the University Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle.
Anastasia Astafeva pointed out a few specificities in the educational process of the French master’s programme. ‘The classes’ schedule allows us to dive into the working process and experience what it means to be a master’s student in France. The ESIT’s professors turned out to be hospitable and caring, they always answered questions with pleasure and helped us to understand whenever any difficulties arose. During this month, I understood that it is really never too late to study. The age of the students ranged from 20 to 50, however, despite this great difference, students are very friendly and it creates the impression that they are a big family. The cordiality of the professors, the friendliness of the students and the great volume of useful information we received made this month genuinely unforgettable.
Anastasia Bobrikova shared the study programme of her exchange: ‘We tackled general theoretical disciplines, practised written and live translation, and also learnt about the different aspects of global economics and France’s economic situation in the world. The material put at our disposition for translation was topical and touched upon political and economic situations in the world.
Elena Mezentseva: ‘The exchange at ESIT was for me a unique opportunity to be introduced to the methods of teaching translation within the framework of Danica Seleskovitch's interpretative theory, and also to put into practice the knowledge received. The teachers at ESIT are practising translators, revealing the subtleties and secrets of a successful translation on the basis of their personal experience. Besides the high level of teaching in each discipline, linked with translation, we learn in detail economics, law and the history of the European Union.’
Anastasia Astafeva, Anastasia Bobrikova and Elena Mezentseva
with the Director of the Department of Written Translation, Mrs Carmen Alegria
We must remember that it is already the fifth year of co-operation between PSU and ESIT, thanks to which each year the best translation students from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures have the possibility to be involved in and benefit from the world-class experience of professional translators.
The Higher School of Interprets and Translators (ESIT) is one of the finest academic institutions, where takes place the formation of the future translators of the most important international organizations, such as the UN, the UNESCO, etc. 
Department of Linguistics and Translation

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