Subsoil use experts visiting PSU for the IMWA – 2019 conference

On 15-19 July Perm State National Research University welcomes the IMWA 2019 Conference, titled “MINE WATER: Technological and Ecological Challenges”.

The Conference addresses the issue of mining wastes and mine water causing deterioration of the environment – allowing researchers and business to develop new technological solutions to the problem.

More than 200 reports are presented within the Conference sessions, allowing experts from all over the world exchange opinions, offer technological resolutions and seek opportunities for further collaboration.

“We cannot develop further without deposits and minerals, but nowadays, with such a population density, environmental problems determine the cost of developing deposits. Our task is to find the best ways for the deposit effectiveness to be high and environmental problems to be solved at the proper level”, said Elena Khayrulina, head of the laboratory of botany and soil ecology at the Institute of Natural Sciences of PSU.

PSU experts, along with other participants, present reports, provide lectures and run round tables on efficient and safe subsoil use.

Dr. Teresa Maria Valente, CT, Institute of Earth Sciences, Pole of the University of Minho, Earth Sciences Department, Campus de Gualtar, Portugal; Chair, Mine Water Geochemistry: «We had a few short courses during the first day, where I learned a lot, and I have already a future collaboration rising from that».

Dr. Ann Maest, Vice President, Buka Environmental, USA; Chair, Mine Water Geochemistry Section, IMWA 2019: "We are especially pleased to have IMWA in Russia for the first time. We are all very impressed by Perm State University, the beauty of the buildings and friendliness of the people, and the high caliber of science that’s going on. We are hoping to make colleagues and friends that we will start good associations with for many years".

Since 1979 the “International Mine Water Association” has been organizing annual international meetings focused on various aspects of mine water, including its hydrology, chemistry, biology, environmental aspects, and potential reuse, as well as how best to control it through better prediction, mine water management and treatment.

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