The 4th International Symposium ‘Metaphor as Means of Knowledge Communication’

On October 14th, at Perm State University took place, on the occasion of the centenary of the first university of the Ural, the fourth international symposium Metaphor as Means of Knowledge Communication. The symposium was organized by the Faculty of foreign languages and literatures.
The following themes were discussed:
Metaphor in Arts,
Metaphor in Science and professional Communication,
Metaphor in teaching,
Metaphor in translation,
Development of metaphorical and terminological competence, and others.
Seven special guest speakers participated in the symposium: Russel Crawford (Ohio Northern University, the USA), Anna Ponomareva (Imperial College London, University of Southampton, the UK), Heriberd Picht (Copenhagen Business School, Norway), Wenke Mückel (Universität Rostock, Germany), Reima Al-Jarf (King Saud University Saudi Arabia).
Gerard Steen (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), the world-famous expert on metaphor, and Jan Engberg (Aarhus University, Denmark), an outstanding research in the field of communication and language for special purposes, were invited as keynote speakers.
In the plenary speech ‘A model for metaphor in scientific knowledge and science communication’ Gerard Steen introduced an encompassing model for metaphor in scientific knowledge and science communication. This model comprises metaphor in language, in thought, and in communication. He also emphasizes the need for a genre-based approach to the study of metaphor in discourse.
Gerard Steen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jan Engberg in his plenary speech entitled ‘Metaphors, Frames and Semantic Networks: Approaches to the Study of Knowledge as Content in Knowledge Communication’ focused on the centrality of communication in conceptualizations of specialized knowledge, the importance of interaction, and the ensuing dynamic character of specialized knowledge.
Jan Engberg, Aarhus University, Denmark and participants of the symposium
Wenke Mückel with her presentation ‘Metaphorik im Kommunikationsbereich der Sportfachsprachlichkeit’ addressed the problem of metaphor representation in sports discourse. Anna Ponomareva discussed the role of cognitive and image metaphors representing mazurka for understanding the author's intention in ‘Eugene Onegin’. The issue of metaphor comprehension in translation was reinforced by Reima Al-Jarf in her talk ‘Translation students’ difficulties with colour metaphors’. Here the speaker concentrated on the translation students’ ability to translate colour metaphors from English to Arabic and vice versa, identified difficulties and translation strategies. The American sports historian Russ Crawford speculated on American life seen through the prism of football.
The presentations delivered at the working group sessions provided comprehensive discussion on metaphor in specialized discourse, in media, in literature, and in social mind.
Ekaterina Isaeva, Svetlana Mishlanova,Evgeniya Bogatikova, Gerard Steen and Yana Mukoseeva

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