The Round-Table Discussion with Oxford City Council’s Leader

On October 12, at Perm State University, a meeting took place with Oxford City Council’s leader Bob Price, who talked about the main development tendencies and the most important political and social questions faced by his city.
Oxford has a population of 160,000 inhabitants, of whom 30,000 are students.
Every morning more than 65% of the population is travelling towards the city centre to study or work. That is why the main problem for us is the traffic jams. We have tried to change people’s habits. Now, people are booking in advance a place to park, they can leave their cars uptown special parkings and then get to the city centre by suburban train. We have numerous parking places for bicycles, “green bicycle tracks” which are frequently used by people’, - said Bob Price. Furthermore, he talked about the waste recycling techniques and the alternative methods used to produce energy in Oxford.
The meeting with the Oxford City Council’s leader was organized by the Junior Academy of Public Administration of Perm Region. Professors, lecturers as well as students from Perm State University took part in that talk.
Many socio-economic problems encountered by our twin city and Perm are similar, that is why solutions can also be found together’–said the Director of the Junior Academy of Public Administration of Perm Region Mikhail Mukhin, who organized the meeting (the round-table discussion).
Oxford is one of the most ecological and clean British cities, however, that is why we pay such high living costs, for instance, buying a house in Oxford can cost on average over 500,000 pounds, which is considerably higher than the price in London,’ - pointed out the British politician.
Junior Academy of Public Administration of Perm Region
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