There are students from Italy, Great Britain, China and Poland in the research center "Preduralie"

The international geo-ecological summer school is being held in the research center "Preduralie" now. Summer School was opened on the 1st of August. 
Lecturers from Perm State University acquaint foreign students with the features of the Permian geological system. Students are attending classes and tours.

The main mission is to make projects for the improvement of teaching and research ground and develop nature trails: botanical, forestry, hydrology, zoological, etc. The PSU undergraduates and master students help their foreign colleagues in developing these projects.
Nature of the "Preduralie" is unique. The deep-cut Sylva river valley makes the area look mountainous. There are picturesque rock outcrops on both banks of the Sylva river representing the Lower Permian sediments of Artinskian and Kungurian stages. Preduralie is known to have a status of nature reserve.
Incidentally, "Preduralie" is the only wildlife preserve in the Perm region today. It will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year.


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