Online video translations (2011–2012)

Michael Zaks, Institute of Mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany). 
Short course “Nonlinear dynamics”
Lecture 1. «Dynamical systems: general review. Instability kinds and Instability criteria. Lyapunov functions»
Lecture 2. «Typical bifurcations of equilibrium state and periodical motions. Criteriaofoscillatoryregimesexistence»
Lecture 3 (public). «Fractals and its’ application»
Lecture 4. «Dynamical chaos. Lorenz attractor. Lyapunov exponents. Order-to-Chaos transitions. Universal bifurcation sequences»
Lec 5. «Simple models of neurodynamics.  Hodgkin–Huxley model.  FitzHugh–Nagumo model. Excitability and "ducks"»
Lecture 6. «Synchronization. Kuramoto model»
Mikhail Rubin, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas (USA). 
Lecture 1. «Alternative energetics and production of liquid fuel from bio-renewable resources»
Lecture 2. «Diastereoselective and enantioselective reactions Cyclopropenes catalyzed by transition metals»
Lecture 3. «Diastereo Convergent formal nucleophilic substitution reaction of bromine cyclopropane»
Alexander Koch, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technical University of Munich (Germany). 
Public lecture «Science in Germany, University system, giving a specific example of how university research is transformed into a start up, the financing of it and  other support»
«Optics and measurement. Part 1»
«Optics and measurement. Part 2»
Vladimir Gevorgyan, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois (USA) 
Lecture 1. «The development of new catalytic methods for the synthesis of heterocyclic. p.1»
Lecture 2. «The development of new catalytic methods for the synthesis of heterocyclic. p.2»
Lecture 3. «The development of new catalytic methods CH activation of arenes and heteroarenes »
Rainer Beck, Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie (Germany). 
Lecture 1.«Galaxies: Structure, origin and evolution»
Lecture 2. «Cosmic radio waves and radio telescopes»
Lecture 3. «Magnetic fields in the Universe»
Sergio Mendes, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Louisville (USA). 
Online public lecture  «The use of integrated optics for the bio-molecular systems analysis»
Lecture «Current research projects by Photonics Laboratory, University of Louisville»
Seminar at Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Company
Lecture «Advanced research of the University of Louisville in Physics»
Gregory Furman, Department of Physics, Ben Gurion University (Israel)
Online public lecture «Quantum theory: The century of wonders»
Lecture 2. «Multiple-quantum coherence in spin clusters»
Lecture 3. «Quantum entanglement in spin systems: equilibrium states»
Lecture 4. «Quantum entanglement in spin systems: nonequilibrium states»
Alexander A. Nepomnyashchy, Department of mathematics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)
Lecture 1. «Front dynamics in dissipative systems, p.1»
Lecture 2. «Front dynamics in dissipative systems, p.2»
Lecture 3. «Self-organization in nature»
Lecture 4. «Front dynamics in dissipative systems, p.3»
Lecture 5. «The method of diffuse boundaries to describe the hydrodynamics of stratified binary solutions»
Alexander N. Gorban’,Department of Mathematics, University of Leicester (United Kingdom).
Public lecture «The future of applied mathematics»
Lecture 1.«Dynamicsoflarge-scalesystemswith inheritance»
Lecture 2.«Correlations, risks and crises: from physiology to finance»
Lecture 3.«Geometry and topology of data arrays. Bioinformatics application»
Seminar.«Fromsimplekineticstohydrodynamics: analytical solutions of reduction problems»
Seminar.«Regularization of Lattice-Boltzmann methods through the dissipation control»
Ilya A. Gruzberg,Department of Physics and the James Franck Institute, the University of Chicago (USA).
Lecture 2.«Fractals, multi-fractalsandstochasticgeometryinmodernphysics, p.2»
Lecture 3.«Fractals, multi-fractals and stochasticgeometry in modern physics, p.3»
Seminar.«Stochastic conformal geometry and its applications in physics»
Daniel Beysens,Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles ParisTech (France)
Lecture 1.«The stability of colloids in binary mixtures and the phase transition to wetting: adsorption on colloids and flocculation»
Lecture 2.«Structures formed when the dew, frost and fogged. The condensation water from the air. Physics and Chemistry of the dew»
Lecture 3.«The piston effect: heat transfer in near-critical fluids. Thermo Vibration phenomena in supercritical fluids in reduced gravity»

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