Visiting lecturers

Centre for Educational and Scientific Exchanges of Perm State University provides the lectures by specialists in modern fundamental and applied sciences. Our visitors represent high-ranked universities, research institutes and companies from USA, Europe, Middle East, Russia, etc.

  Personnel Name Job / Affiliation Name Research Interests Dates of visits
1.       Andrejs Cebers University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia) Hydrodynamics, Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Phenomena, Free Boundary Phenomena, Numerical Simulation, Soft Magnetic and Dielectric Media. 13–17.06.2011
2.         Vyacheslav Yukalov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) Perturbation theory, Self-similar models, Fluctuations theory, Stochastic instability, Quark-Hadron matter, Bose systems, Quantum crystals 04–08.09.2011
3.       Vladimir Gevorgyan Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois (USA) Metal-catalyzed reactions, Development of novel methodologies for synthetic organic chemistry, Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds 21–23.11.2011
4.       Alexander N. Gorban’ Department of Mathematics, University of Leicester (United Kingdom) Architecture of neurocomputers and training algorithms for neural networks, Physical, chemical and biological kinetics, Human adaptation to hard living conditions, Methods and technologies of collective thinking. 05–09.12.2011
5.       Ilya A. Gruzberg Department of Physics and the James Franck Institute, the University of Chicago (USA)
Department of Physics, The Ohio State University (USA)
Quantum Hall effects, Superconductivity, Strongly correlated systems, Stochastic growth phenomena, Diffusion-limited aggregation, Hele-Shaw flows, Turbulence, Spin glasses, Statistical mechanics, Critical phenomena, Random matrix theory, Supersymmetry 13–16.03.2012
6.       David L. Reid Department of Geological Sciences, University of Cape Town (Republic of South Africa) Precambrian Geology, Isotope Geology, Igneous Petrology, Economic Geology, Analytical Techniques, Computer Applications 10–17.05.2012
7.       Dmitry D. Sokoloff Moscow State University (Russia) Magneto-hydrodynamics and turbulence, Astrophysics, Dynamo problem 14–19.05.2012
8.       Vassil Alexandrov Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (Spain) Computational Science encompassing Parallel and High Performance Computing, Scalable Algorithms for advanced Computer Architectures, Monte Carlo  methods and  algorithms 21–24.05.2012
9.       Christian Soize Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (France) Chaos, Fokker-Plank equation, Stochastic dynamical systems 02–09.06.2012
10.   Alexander A. Nepomnyashchy Department of mathematics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) Nonlinear waves, Pattern formation, Convection in systems with an interface, Microgravity phenomena, Thin films, Anomalous diffusion. Dynamics of curved fronts 24–28.09.2012
11.   Eduard Fel’dman The Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Chernogolovka, Russia) Dynamics and Thermodynamics of multi-spin systems, Nuclear magnetic resonance in solids, Exact solutions of spin-dynamics problems, Quantum information theory. 15–18.10.2012
12.   Alexander Koch Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Technical University of Munich (Germany). Optomechatronic measurement technology, Laser measurement systems, Optical fiber sensors, Holographic speckle interferometry, Image and sensor data processing, FTIR spectroscopy, Multisensory systems, Medical measuring systems 23–27.10.2012
13.   Michael Zaks Institute of Mathematics, Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) Dynamics of coupled systems, networks, Synchronization phenomena, Systems with delay, Nonlinear dynamics in general, Applications to laser dynamics and other fields. 23–30.10.2012
14.   Mikhail Rubin Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas (USA) Synthetic Methodology, Transition Metal Catalysis, and Physical Organic Chemistry 23–27.10.2012
15.   Rainer Beck Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie (Germany) Chemical Dynamics at the Gas-Surface Interface.
Probing and Controlling Surface Chemistry by Laser Radiation.
Quantum State Resolved Surface Reactivity Measurements
16.   Sergio Mendes Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Louisville (USA) Electro-Active Integrated Optical Waveguides, Impedance Spectroscopies and Electron Transfer Kinetics in Molecular Films, Micro-Fluidics, Super-Resolution and Electron State Depletion Imaging, Integrated Optical Devices, Ultra-Fast Laser Spectroscopies, Plasmonic Devices 03–09.12.2012
17.   Gregory Furman Department of Physics, Ben Gurion University (Israel) General and Mathematical Physics, Quantum computing and quantum information processing, Solid state physics, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Nuclear quadrupole resonance, Superconductivity. 06–12.12.2012
18.   Alexander Strokanov Lyndon, a Vermont State College (USA) History 25–27.02.2013
19.   Alexander Oron Department of mathematics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) Hydrodynamic instabilities, Instabilities of thin liquid films, Nonlinear evolution equations, Fluid mechanics in low-gravity and microgravity environment, Free boundary problems in hydrodynamics, Numerical simulations of nonlinear phenomena in hydrodynamics 19–26.05.2013
20.   Dmitri Mavrodi Washington State University, Pullman, WA (USA) Genetics and enzymology of antibiotic production, Mechanisms of gene regulation and expression, Ecology and diversity of antibiotic-producing pseudomonads, Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria 20–22.05.2013
21.   Robert Sablatnig Vienna University of Technology (Austria) Computer vision, Image and video processing, Document image analysis, Pattern recognition, Machine Vision 23–27.09.2013
22.   Arkadii Pikovski University of Potsdam (Germany). Statistical theory of chaos, Nonlinear dynamics of complex systems 24–27.09.2013
23.   Alexey Fadeev “Ingeonix Corporation” Image processing and computer vision, Product development expert for consumer, military, and medical markets 23.04.2013

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