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Discover local and national Russian culture in Perm!
The city of Perm is the academic and cultural centre of the Ural region and is located in the eastern part of European Russia. From here, it takes just two hours to get to Moscow by plane from the Bolshoye Savino airport!
Over 1 million inhabitants live in the city, and over 100,000 of these are students! Perm, due its reputation as a great hub of science and education, attracts students to come and realise their full potential.
In Perm you can become a sporting champion!
The first skate- and BMX-park in Russia is found in the city centre! This terrain covers an impressive 12,000 square metres, and teems with skaters and cyclists (when it is not covered in ice and snow!) Access is open to all, so feel free to sweat it out or just watch!
Not far from Perm in the town of Gubakha there is a sports ground for skiers and snowboarders, or even for those who just want a pleasant stroll around the terrain with friends! In Perm you never have to venture far to take part in any sport of your choice. We have stadiums, gyms, swimming pools (of which the most popular is undoubtedly “Olympia”, just a 10-15 minute bus ride from the city centre), and bicycle rental (this is a great comfort to students who travel to us by plane, who of course cannot bring their bike with them on the plane!).
In Perm you can get a feel of our unique culture!
Perm’s huge world-renowned cultural festival ‘White Nights’ takes place every summer in the city centre. It last for a whole month and always draws a huge number of visitors! A festival village is especially constructed to host all events. Something interesting and exciting happens every day, whether it be musical concerts, outdoor theatre productions, or flash-mobs, amongst other amazing sights!
There are over 10 theatres in Perm. A huge range of performances is available for your degustation! Plays, musicals, shows, ballets, we have it all! The Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet house is famous throughout the world. It is known as the “Third Mecca of Ballet” in Russia, behind only Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  
We finally have our own museum of modern art, where the artistic heart of the city beats every day. New exhibitions appear regularly, and master-classes are often given here by international artists!
Enjoy the fresh air of our green areas!
Perm is one of Russia’s greenest cities. Over half of its area is covered in grass and trees! Perm is located on the magnificent Kama river, and our wonderful riverside walkway on the south bank is a must-visit!
Perm is the starting point of many tourist routes, from boat trips along the Kama to hikes into the Ural Mountains! A huge variety of adventures can start here!
Receive world-class education in Perm! 
Perm State University was the first university in the Ural region. Founded in 1916, the university has been a pillar of education in Perm for almost a century. Our professors work with students to make new discoveries and develop thinking in various fields. Our teaching staffs have many international contacts, with hundreds of foreign academics coming to the university each year to read lectures and contribute to academic life. 
There are thousands of great reasons to come to Perm! The decision is yours!

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