Step 1. Sending the documents 
 You should send (either by e-mail or fax) the following documents:
 • The completed application form;
 • The copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth etc.);
 • The documents confirming your previous education translated into Russian or English language. Document requirements depend on the program (Example: applying for the MSc program you should send the BSc diploma with transcript).
Duration of the step – 1-3 weeks (the documents for the MSc, PhD and DSc programs require more time to be considered).
Step 2. Making the invitation
The whole procedure takes 45 working days.
! There is NO possibility of making urgent invitations. Try to do everything in advance.
Step 3. Receiving the invitation
The invitation will be sent to your email in pdf format.
Step 4. Legalisation of the documents
Please pay attention that by your arrival at the University both your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript should be LEGALIZED (legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval in the Ministry of International Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that in the Russian Consulate - in both these organisations they should put a stamp on the back side of your documents or on their copies; in different countries there are different rules). 
! Invitation is NOT enough to enter Russia. It is necessary to make the student visa.
Step 5. Arrival at PSU to pass the exams
For more information please contact the admissions office or the chosen faculty.
Remember! At the Perm State University the language of instruction is Russian. So, a foreign student needs ROLF (or equivalent) certificate or a one-year training language course at the University's Language Centre before starting the main course.
In case you pass all the steps successfully – congratulations, you are admitted to PSU!

Campus Accommodation Meals Medical Insurance Visa Extension Registration fee (non-refundable application fee)
1 350 roubles per month for one person 10 000 -15 000 roubles per month 3 700 roubles per year 1 600 roubles 1 750 roubles

For more information, please, contact the International Department:
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