Soil Ecology

Basic Division: Department of Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms.
Brief Description of Research Activities
The range of the scientific problems within the programme is as follows: investigation of the soil diversity; working on the Red Data Book of the Perm Region Soils; investigation of the processes of soil transformation in urbanised, industrial and agrogenic landscapes; biodiagnostics and biotesting of soils; investigation of diversity, status and ecological functions of soil-like formations; optimisation of characteristics and functions of soils to grow highly qualified and safe bioproducts and agricultural products; formation and restoration of functions of soils and soil-like objects.
Selected Publications Characterising Scientific Research Trend
1. Eremchenko O.Z., Orlova N.V., Kaigorodov R.V. Dynamics of processes of the South Trans-Urals Region follow saline soil ecosystems restoration // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2004. № 2. pp. 99-106. (In Russian)
2. Eremchenko O.Z., Vlasov A.N. Modification of sod-podzol soils in the zone impounded by the Kama Water Reservoir // Perm University Herald. Series “Biology”. 2005. Iss. 6. pp. 168-171. (In Russian)
3. Eremchenko O.Z., Moskvina N.V. Characteristics of soils and anthropogenic and surface formations in the multistorey housing districts of Perm // Eurasian Soil Science. 2005. (In Russian)
4. Eremchenko O.Z., Lymar O.A. Soil and environmental conditions of saline dumps and salinity adaptation of plants // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2007. № 1. pp. 18-23. (In Russian)
5. Eremchenko O.Z., Filkin T.G., Shestakov I.E. Rare and vanishing soils of the Perm Region. Perm, 2010. 92 p.
The Most Significant Fundamental Research Projects within Scientific Research Trend
1. 2001-2003 – The grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research “Anthropogenic transformation of the Perm Region soils”.
2. 2007-2009 – The grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research “Environmental and genetic diversity of the Perm Region soils with relation to redaction of the Red Data Book of Soils”.
The Most Significant Applied Research Projects, Including Enterprise Orders
2008 – Business contract with the Ministry of City Planning and Infrastructure Development of the Perm Region “Detection of the rare and vanishing soil sites and scientific grounding of entering the valuable soil objects into the list of the Red Data Book of the Perm Region Soils”.
Training of Researchers (programmes for Post-graduate and Doctoral Courses)
Post-graduate Programme, specialty “Ecology”.
International Scientific and Educational Activities within Scientific Research Trend
1. 2007-2009 – The Project of the 6th Framework Programme of the Commission of the European Communities “Land Use Modeling – Interactive Electronic Instrument for CIA (e-LUP)”.
2. 2006-2008 – The International Project “Comparative Analysis of heavy metal pollution of roadside ecosystems in Russia and Germany”.

The leading scientists

Olga Z. Eremchenko

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Biology
Department of Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms
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