Olga Z. Eremchenko

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Biology
Department of Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms
Phone, Fax, e-mail
tel: +7-(342)-239-64-12, fax: +7-(342)-237-16-11, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
1978 – Perm State University, Faculty of Biology, specialty “Biology”.
1985 – Post-graduate study, Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Department of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
Academic Degrees and Titles
1986 – Candidate of Biology, Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Department of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Novosibirsk).
1997 – Reader.
1999 – Doctor of Biology, Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk).
2005 – Professor.
Stages of Professional Career
1978-1991 – Engineer, Perm State University.
1991-1995 – Senior Lecturer, Perm State University.
1995-1997 – Reader, Perm State University.
1999-2003 – Professor, Perm State University.
2003 – present time – Head of Department of Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms, Perm State University.
Membership in Scientific Councils and other State and Public Associations
Member of Dissertation Councils D212.189.02; D 212.189.10, Perm State University.
Member of Scientific Council of the Faculty of Biology, Perm State University.
Member of the V.V. Dokuchaev All-Russian Soil Scientist Society. 
Scientific Project Management
1. 2001-2003 – Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 01.04.96459 “Anthropogenic transformation of the Perm Region soils”.
2. 2007-2009 – Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 07.04.96046 “Ecological and genetic diversity of the Perm Region soils with relation to redaction of the Red Data Book of Soils”.
Current Research Activities
Supervisor of the Scientific School for Soil Ecology, Perm State University; scientific supervisor of the Laboratory of Botany and Soil Ecology, Natural Science Institute, Perm State University.
Investigation of soil forming processes in urbanised, anthropogenic and agrogenic areas includes the following measures: registration of ecological and genetic diversity of transformed soils and soil-like formations, estimation of their ecological status and ability to optimise the environment; analysis of the character of soil modification caused by anthropogenic factors, prognostication of fertility changes; planning of measures for optimisation of land use, protection of genetic soil diversity, resoiling; assessment of soil and geochemical influence on the quality of bioproducts in the Perm Region (vegetables, products of beekeeping); development of quality and safety criteria and criteria for competitive advantages of bioproducts.
Academic and other Awards
2006 – “Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation”.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 65.
Monographs – 2.
Textbooks (Study Guides) – 3.
Selected Publications
1. Eremchenko O.Z. Natural and anthropogenic changes of the South Trans-Urals saline soils. Perm: Perm State University publishing house, 1997.
2. Eremchenko O.Z. Theory of Biosphere: Study Guide. Moscow: Academy, 2006.
3. Eremchenko O.Z., Orlova N.V., Kaigorodov R.V. Dynamics of processes of the South Trans-Urals follow saline soil ecosystems restoration // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2004. № 2. pp. 99-106. (In Russian) 
4. Eremchenko O.Z., Vlasov A.N. Modification of sod-podzol soils in the zone impounded by the Kama Water Reservoir // Perm State University Herald. Series “Biology”. 2005. Iss. 6. pp. 168-171. (In Russian)
5. Eremchenko O.Z., Moskvina N.V. Characteristics of soils and anthropogenic and surface formations in the multistorey housing districts of Perm // Eurasian Soil Science. 2005. № 7. pp. 782-789 (In Russian)
6. Eremchenko O.Z. Goals and objectives of the Red Data Book of the Perm Region Soils / Problems of the Regional Red Data Books of Russia: Proceedings of Interregional Conference. Perm, 2006. pp. 86-89. (In Russian)
7. Eremchenko O.Z., Lymar O.A. Soil and environmental conditions of saline dumps and salinity adaptation of plants // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2007. № 1. pp. 18-23. (In Russian)
8. Eremchenko O.Z., Filkin T.G., Chirkov F.V., Shestakov I.E. Defining of rare and vanishing soils of the Perm Region with relation to the redaction of the Red Data Book of the Perm Region Soils // Perm State University Herald. Perm, 2008. pp. 63-68. (In Russian)
9. Eremchenko O.Z., Orlova N.V. Cyclicity of soil salinisation - desalinisation processes in the South Trans-Urals Region // Genesis and melioration of saline soil complexes. Moscow, 2008. pp. 179-184. (In Russian)
10. Eremchenko O.Z., Moskvina N.V., Shestakov I.E. Environmental functions and morphological diversity of the Perm Kama Region urban district soils // Botanic research in the Urals: Proceedings of Regional (with international participation) Conference. Perm, 2009. pp. 105-108. (In Russian)
11. Eremchenko O.Z., Filkin T.G., Shestakov I.E. Rare and vanishing soils of the Perm Region. Perm, 2010. 92 p.
12. Eremchenko O.Z. The past, present and future of the soil kingdom // PSC Journal. 2010. pp. 51-58. (In Russian)
13.  Eremchenko O.Z., Shestakov I.E, Kamenshchikova V.I. Biodiagnostic markers of environmental soil status in Perm // Anthropogenic transformation of the environment: Proceedings of International Conference. Perm, 2010. Vol. 3. pp. 115-122. (In Russian)

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