Sergey A. Mazunin

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russian Federation
Perm State University
Faculty of Chemistry
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239 64 05, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Chemistry, Specialty:  “Chemistry”, 1978
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Chemistry, 1990, Mendeleev Chemical Technology Institute (Moscow)
Reader, 1995.
Doctor of Chemistry, 2000, Perm State Technical University
Professor, 2000.
Stages of Professional Career
Reader, Perm State University, 1995-2000.
Professor, Perm State University, 2000-2004.
Head of Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Perm State University, 2004 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of Joint Doctorate Dissertation Council of PSU and PSTU.
Current Research Activities
Most existing techniques and technologies for obtaining mineral salts are based on the use of multiply saturated aqueous solutions of salts. For their application it is necessary to analyze corresponding multicomponent system State Diagrams which, as a rule, are not investigated. In this case it becomes indispensable to study these systems fast and efficiently that will require to forecast compositions of many times saturated nonvariant (eutonic) and monovariant solutions. (Known today methods of solubility investigation are rather cumbersome and have certain limitations in the possibility of obtaining reliable results.)
A new (unmatched) universal (combined) method for the investigation of multicomponent water-salt systems regardless of number of components and complexity of their interactions, without phase isolation and disequilibrium, has been developed. Method is based on prediction of multisaturated nonvariant (eutonic) and monovariant solution compositions and on complex study of corresponding system State Diagrams that drastically simplifies the process of investigation, guarantees the determination of compositions of all equilibrium solid phases and the absence of undetected phase regions. Combined method involves a combination of the best features of the analytical prediction method and the method of cross sections. Research results give birth to mathematical models of multicomponent systems which determine the main technological parameters of inorganic salt production processes.
Results of investigation are useful for the plants producing mineral fertilizers, e.g. for soda plant of “Uralkali” in the processes where salts are in water solutions.
Total Number of Publications – more than 120.
Research articles – более 100.
Monographs – 2.
Textbooks (tutorials) – 4.
Patents and Invention Certificates – 9.
Selected Publications
1. Mazunin S.А., Chechulin V.L., Frolova S.А., Kitsanova N.S. Technology of Obtaining Potassium Dihydrophosphate in the System with Salting-Out// Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry, MAIK Nauka/ Interperiodica. 2010. Vol. 82, No 3 (March). pp. 553–561.(In English)
2. Mazunin S.А., Frolova S.I., Kistanova N.S. Determination Method for Composition of Equilibrium Solid Phases in Multicomponent Water-Salt Systems: Pat. 2 324 932. RF, C1, Publ. 20.05.08, Bul. No.14. (In Russian)
3. Mazunin S.А., Frolova S.I., Kistanova N.S. A Way to Study Solubility in Multicomponent Water-Salt Systems: Pat. 2 324 933. RF, C1, Publ. 20.05.08, Bul. No.14. (In Russian)
4. Industrial Ecology / S.I Frolova, S.А Mazunin: Perm Univ. Perm, 2007. 289 p. Dep. in VINITI 25.09.07, No. 899-B2007. (In Russian)
5. Industrial Ecology: Manual for Special Course/ S.I Frolova, S.А Mazunin; Perm Univ. Perm, 2007. 460 p. (In Russian)
6. Mazunin S.А., Strelkov V.V., Ivakin А.А.   Vanadium Containing Water-Salt Systems. Ekaterinburg: UB RAS, 2002. 228 p. (In Russian)
7. Mazunin S.А. Solubility in Nа+, (C2H5)2NH2+ // НСО3-, Cl- – H2O System at 10°С //Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 Vol.46, No. 4. pp. 669-679. (In Russian)
8. Mazunin S.А., Panasenko V.А. Laboratory Study of Ammonia Method Carbonization Process for Soda Production//Chemistry, Technology and Industrial Ecology of Inorganic Compounds: Proceedings. Perm, 2002. No. 6. pp. 126-133. (In Russian)
9. Panasenko V.А., Mazunin S.А.  Carbonization Process of Pre-Carbonizes Dispersed Liquid Flow// National Technical University-KPI: Proceedings. “Chemistry“, Chemical Technologies and Ecology”. Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2003. No.11, Vol.1. pp. 105-110. (In Russian)
10. Panasenko V.А., Mazunin S.А., Shulgina N.P. Study of Carbonization Process of Pre-Carbonized Dispersed Liquid Flow  by  One-Dimensional Sampling Statistical Method of Analysis// News of National Technical University “KPI”: Proceedings. “Chemistry, Chemical Technologies and Ecology”. Kharkov: NTU “KPI”, 2003. No.14. pp. 3-7. (In Russian)
11. Krepysheva I.V., Mazunin S.А. Solubility in КН2РO4 – NH4H2PO4 – MgNH4PO4 – Н2O System at 20°С//Chemistry, Technology and Industrial Ecology of Inorganic Compounds: Proceedings. 2006. No. 7. pp. 132-144. (In Russian)

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