Cluster Approach-Based Principles and Mechanisms of State Regulation of Economy at the Regional Level

Basic Division: Department of World and Regional Economy.
Brief Description of Research Activities
The object of study is regional economy as an open sub-system of the national economy characterised by a wide range of external relations. In terms of structure regional economy is considered as a composite of three sectors oriented on global, national and domestic market respectively.
When investigating economic development of a region "region – quasi-state" and "region – quasi-corporation" paradigms are employed. The employment of the paradigm "region – quasi-state" and the similarity between the region and national economy determine the possibility to employ macroeconomic theories (neoclassic, neokeynesian, etc.) to characterize the region. The paradigm "region – quasi-corporation" makes it possible to employ microeconomic theories to characterize the region. In this regard, the programme considers regional economy to be a synthesis of macro- and microeconomy relating to such a level of the hierarchical structure of the global economy as the region.
When considering the issues of state regulation of the regional economy the management approach is employed. The specificity of this approach is the use of the concept of "public management".
A significant positive experience of study of trends, consistent patterns, factors and conditions for regional economy's functioning and development has been accumulated so far.
Research results are implemented to modernize the teaching of university disciplines, to develop and advance education and methodical programmes for specialists with higher professional education in Economics.
Selected Publications Describing Scientific  Research Trend
1. Mirolyubova T.V. Theoretic and methodological aspects of state regulation of economy in a subject of the Federation/ Perm State University. Perm, 2008. 386 p. (In Russian)
2. Mirolyubova T.V. Specific features of the regional economic growth and macroeconomic analysis. Specific features of attracting foreign investments in the region. Comparative study on the Perm Krai by major economic indicators // Regional economic growth: trends and issues/ Ed. by T.V. Mirolyubova, Perm State University. Perm, 2006. P. 5-34, 54-60, 295-327. (In Russian)
3. Mirolyubova T.V., Sapiro E.S. Regional specific features of designing economic development scenarios // Economy of Region. 2007. № 4 (12). P. 59-67. (In Russian)
4. Mirolyubova T.V. Designing a new model of management of a federal subject at the regional level: theoretical and methodological approach // Issues of contemporary science and practice/ V.I. Vernadsky University.  2008. № 3 (13). P. 207-213. (In Russian)
5. Mirolyubova T.V. Identification of cluster borders as a starting point for realisation of the system of state regulation of economy at the regional level // Tomsk University Herald. 2008. № 314. P. 141-147. (In Russian)
6. Karlina T.V. Methods of assessment of a system's development of regional commodity markets: microeconomic approach // Economy of region: Theory and practice. 2010. № 3 (138). P. 50-60. (In Russian)
The Most Significant Fundamental Research Projects
Initiative project "State regulation of regional economy development: cluster approach". 2003-2009.
The Most Significant Applied Research Projects, Including Enterprise Orders
In 2006 the concept of the "Programme of socioeconomic development of the Perm Krai for the period until 2015" was designed and adopted by the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Krai with the direct participation of the programme's representatives.
In 2006-2007 the programme's representatives were closely involved in designing the "Programme of socioeconomic development of the Perm Krai for the period until 2015" in the aspect "Economic development".
Scientific Research Projects:
1. Designing the methods of performance evaluation of the activity of the Ministry for Economic Development and Commerce of the Russian Federation and evaluation of employees' labour efficiency.
2. Designing the system of objectives and indicators for the departments' performance of the Ministry for Economic Development and Commerce of the Russian Federation.
3. Designing methodology of planning of federal executive bodies' activity on the basis of the Ministry for Economic Development and Commerce of the Russian Federation.
4. Procedural rules for operational planning, monitoring and control of the activity of the Ministry for Economic Development and Commerce of the Russian Federation.
Training of Researchers (programmes for Post-Graduate and Doctorate Courses)
Post-graduate programme with a specialisation "Economics and management of the national economy: regional economy".
International Scientific and Educational Activities
• Study placement in Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) for the third-year students with a speciality "International business".
• Students' summer school at Euromed Marseille Higher School of Management (France).
• Joint students' programme "Dual academic credential" together with Manchester Metropolitan University and Euromed Marseille Higher School of Management.
• Joint post-graduate students' programme together with Manchester Metropolitan University.

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