Nikilay N. Nazarov

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Geography
Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7-(342)-239-66-41, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Data of Birth
Educational Background
Faculty of Geography, Perm State University. 1982.
Post-graduate student. Kazan State University. 1987.
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Geography. 1988. Leningrad State University.
Reader. 1990.
Doctor of Geography. 1996. Leningrad State University.
Professor. 1997.
Stages of Professional Career
Senior Lecturer, Perm State University. 1988-1990.
Reader, Perm State University. 1990-1996.
Head of Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology, Perm State University. Since 1997 – until present date.
Professor. Perm State University. Since 1997 – until present date.
Membership in Scientific Councils and other State and Public Associations
Deputy Chairman of Perm University Dissertation Council D.212.189.10 awarding Candidate and Doctoral Degrees on specialization «Physical Geography, Biogeography, Geography of Soils and Geochemistry of Landscapes» since 2001– until present date.
Chairman of Perm Branch of  the Russian Geographical Society.
Vice-chairman of Presidium of the Interuniversity Scientific Coordination Council on the Problems of Erosion, Channel and Esturial processes at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Full Member (Academician) of RANS, IAS HS, IAELS. 1991.
Member of Russian Association of Geomorphologists.
Scientific Project Management
1. RFBR Grant «Development and dynamics of coastal geosystems of the Kama reservoirs», 2002.
2. RFBR Grant «Organization and conducting expeditions to study development and dynamics of coastal geosystems of the Kama reservoirs», 2001.
3. RFBR Grant «Organization and conducting expeditions to study development and dynamics of coastal geosystems of the Kama reservoirs», 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
4. RFBR Grant «Landscape and socio-economic basis of spatial organization of the Perm region ecological frame of (macro level of organization of regional services and amenities)», 2001.
5. RFBR Grant «Place and role of large lowland reservoir aquatic geosystems in landscape differentiation of the Earth's land», 2003.
6. RFBR Grant «MTB development for research in the field of knowledge 05», 2005.
7. RFBR Grant «Spatial-Time Variation of the Capacity, Mechanical and Trace Element Composition of Bottom Sediments of the Kama Reservoir Aqua Systems». 2006.
8. RFBR Grant «Interannual Compound Variability of Shore Sediments of Seasonal Regulation Reservoirs». 2009.
Participation in International Projects
Participant of the International Congress of Geomorphologists. Melbourne, 2009.
Current Research Activities
The study of coastal geo-system dynamics, place and role of large lowland reservoir aqua geo-systems in landscape differentiation of Earth dry-land, spatial-time variability of the capacity, mechanical and trace element composition of aqua geo-system bottom sediments.
N.N. Nazarov – Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology – takes an active part in International and All-Russian research and practice conferences and interuniversity meetings on the problems of geomorphology, channel study, landscape study, geo-ecology, erosion and natural management. Repeatedly presented Perm State University at scientific forums in Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Australia.
Prepared 7 Candidates of Science.
Scientific supervisor of the Federal Programme Section on «Government Monitoring of Natural Resources» (the system of regular surveys, collection, accumulation, processing, analysis and synthesis of data in order to assess the state of the geological environment and predict its change under the influence of natural factors, subsurface management and other economic activities on the territory of the Perm Krai).
Scientific supervisor of the Federal Programme on «Organization and implementation of state monitoring of water bodies» (regional target programme «Prevention of harmful effects of water and ensuring the safety of hydraulic structures in the Perm Krai for 2008-2012»).
Academic and other Awards
Honorary Figure of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. 2005.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 258.
Monographs  – 8.
Study guides – 7.
Selected Publications
1. Nazarov N.N. Gully Erosion in the Kama Region. Perm, 1992. 194 p. (In Russian)
2. Nazarov N.N. Karst of the Kama Region. Physiographic (Geomorphological) Aspects. Perm, 1996. 95 p. (In Russian)
3. Nazarov N.N., Egorkina S.S. Rivers of the Perm Kama Region. Horizontal Channel Deformations. Perm: Publishing house «Zvezda», 2004. 155 p. (In Russian)
4. Nazarov N.N. Formation of Aqua Geo-Systems of Votkinsk Reservoir // Proceedings of Russian Genealogical Society. 2005. V. 137, issue. 3. P. 52-61. (In Russian)
5. Nazarov N.N.  Current Stage of Development of Lowland Reservoir Shore Recycling (end of XX – beginning of XXI) // Geography and Natural Resources. 2006. № 4. P.12-19. (In Russian)
6. Nazarov N.N., Nagovitsyn A.V., Tyunyatkin D.G., Frolova I.V. Landscape Genesis and Geo-system Structure of Lowland Reservoirs. Perm, 2008. 122 p. (In Russian)
7. Nazarov N.N. Geodynamics of Coasts of the Perm Region Reservoirs. Perm, 2008. 151 p. (In Russian)
8. Nazarov N.N., Chernov A.V. Patterns in Foreland Fluvial // Channel Processes in the Rivers of Mountains, Foothills and Plains / Prace geograficzne. Fascicle 116. Cracow, 2006. P. 111–118. (In English)

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