Vittaliy G. Kalinin


15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
PermState University
Faculty of Geography
Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology
Phone, fax, e-mail
+7-(342)-239-64-41, fax +7-(342)-239-63-54, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
PermState University, Faculty of Geography. 1985.
Post-graduate student. Perm State University, Faculty of Geography. 1993.
Doctoral student. Perm State University. 2009.
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Geography. 1994. Perm State University.
Associate Professor. 1997.
Doctor of Geography. 2011. Moscow. Institute of Geography RSA.
Stages of Professional Career
Hydrology engineer at Perm hydrometeorological observatory. 1985-1991.
Assistant Lecturer. Perm State University. 1991-1994.
Senior Lecturer. Perm State University. 1994-1996.
Associate Professor of Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology. Perm State University. 1996-2011.
Professor of Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology. Perm State University. Since 2011 – until present date.
Membership in Academic Councils and other State and Public Associations
Member of Dissertation Council D 212.189.10 awarding Candidate and Doctoral Degrees on specialization 25.00.30 – «Meteorology, Climatology, Agrometeorology» (Geographical sciences) at Perm State University since 2013 – until present date.
Member of Dissertation Council D 212.189.01 awarding Candidate and Doctoral Degrees on specialization 25.00.07 – «Hydrogeology» (Geological and mineralogical sciences) at Perm State University since 2014 – until present date.
Member of Scientific and Technical Council of the Kama Basin Water Management. Perm. 
Scientific Project Management
1. RFBR Grant «Hydrological GIS (on example of the basin of Votkinsk reservoir)». 2002-2005.
2. RFBR Grant «Research of hydrological regime of large reservoirs using geographic information technologies (on example of Kama)». 2004-2006.
3. RFBR Grant «Hydrological GIS of reservoirs (on example of Kama)». 2004-2006.
4. RFBR Grant «The analysis of formation of spatial and time dynamics of a winter runoff of the rivers in GIS environment by methods of mathematic-cartographical modelling». 2007-2009.
5. RFBR Grant «Regularity of ice regime formation in rivers and water storages of Western Ural and methods of their forecasts». 2007-2009.
6. RFBR Grant «Analysis of the spatial heterogeneity bottom forms of valley reservoirs (on example of Kama)». 2013-2015.
Participation in International Academic Projects
Training «Innovative technologies of Leica Geosystems AG. in the collection, analysis and management of geospatial data. Exchange of experience with the leading universities in Europe». Switzerland, 2011.
Training «Innovative solutions of Hexagon Geosystems in geodesy and surveying». Germany, 2014.
Current Research Activities
Main academic interests focus on the study of the winter regime of water objects, spatial and temporal variability of the bottom forms of valley reservoirs, application of GIS technologies in hydrology.
Participation in international and national scientific conferences and meetings on water problems.
Prepared 1 Candidate of Sciences.
Academic and other Awards
Laureate SRW PSU in the field of Geology and Geography. 1993, 2009, 2014.
PSU Award, 1993, 2001.
Notes of thanks, 1990, 2006.
Certificates of honor of the Perm State University, 2011, 2013.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 153.
Monographs – 4.
Study guides – 8.
Certificate of state registration databases in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks - 2.
Selected Publications
1. Kalinin V.G., Pyankov S.V. Use of hydrographic characteristics of rivers and their basins in hydrological calculations // Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. 2002. № 11. P. 56–60. (In English).
2. Kalinin V.G. Influence of morphometric characteristics on formation dry areas during winter fall level on the cascade of water storage reservoirs on the Kama river // Meteorology and Hydrology. 2007. № 7. P. 98–104. (In English).
3. Kalinin V.G. Study of spatial distribution and occurrence frequency of ice jams in rivers of the Votkinsk reservoir catchment. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. 2008. Т. 33. № 12. С. 819-822. (In English).
4. Kalinin V.G. Ice regime of rivers and reservoirs of the basin of the Upper and Middle Kama: monograph.Perm: Publishing house of Perm Universityа, 2008. 252 p. (In Russian).
5. Kalinin V.G., Pyankov S.V.Application of GIS technologies in hydrological studies: monograph.Perm. Publishing by «Alex-Press». 2010. 217 p. (In Russian).
6. Pyankov S.V.,Kalinin V.G. GIS and mathematical and cartographic modeling in study of reservoirs (on example of Kama): monograph.Perm. Publishing by «Alex-Press». 2011. 158 p. (In Russian).
7. Kalinin V.G., Trofimov N.A. Estimating the necessary duration of observation period in studying winter river runoff. Water Resources. 2011. Т. 38. № 2. С. 149-154. (In English).
8. Kalinin V.G. Features of formation of // Izvestiya RAN. Geographical Series. 2012. № 2. P. 38–48. (In Russian).
9. Kalinin V.G.Water regime of Kama reservoirs and rivers of their basin in winter period: monograph.Publishing by «The Perm book publishing house».2014. 184 p. (In Russian).
10. Kalinin V.G., Chichagov V.V. Long-term variability of ice formation dates on the rivers of the basin of Votkinsk reservoir// Meteorology and Hydrology. 2014. № 7. С. 83–92. (InEnglish).

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