Development of Foundations of Formation of Resources, Regime and Composition of Underground Waters and Modern Methods of Prospecting, Exploration and Evaluation of Operational Reserves of Underground Waters

Basic Division: Department of Dynamic Geology and Hydrogeology.
Brief Description of Research Activities
Ground water is a natural resource, which provides household and production-technical water supply (fresh water), health resort treatment (mineral water), extraction of valuable components (industrial water) and thermal power generation (thermal water). Fresh ground water is a strategic mineral due to being the main source of domestic water supply and the only source of drinking water supply in case of emergency.
Detection and study of ground water deposits and estimation of ground water reserves are fundamental to the use of ground water as a mineral. In this regard becomes urgent the problem of improving the economical efficiency of ground water exploration on the basis of the systemic approach to the methodology of studies and estimates of ground water reserves, which provides optimality of production of this work.
Particularly important is the problem of water abundance of facies-irregular argillo-arenaceous formations, common in the Russian Federation. Ground water in these sediments is the only reliable source of water supply in settlements due to gross pollution of the surface water. Nevertheless, complexity of hydrogeological formation structure, determined by the diversity of facies and rock lithology as well as spatial irregularity of sediments with different permeability, make groundwater survey difficult in limited areas for the large volume of water supply.
The problem of formation and distribution of ground water storage in facies-irregular argillo-arenaceous strata still remains unsolved. There is a need for theoretical development of detection of water-abundant areas prospective for the construction of large water intakes and defining their boundaries in plan and depth.
Selected Publications Characterising Scientific Research Trend
1. Groundwater of the Perm city / V.N. Kataev, I.V. Stchukova; Perm State University. Perm, 2006. 142p. (In Russian)
2. Underground Fresh Water Stores of the Sylva Ridge / G.K. Mikhailov, A.A. Oborin; ed. V.N. Kataev; UB RAS; Perm State University. Perm, 2006. 154p. (In Russian)
3. Mineral Resources of the Perm Krai: encyclopedia / ed. A.I. Kudryashov. Perm, 2006. 463p. (In Russian)
The Most Significant Fundamental Research Projects
1. Development of systemic approach to ground water deposits study.
2. Development of theory of formation, location and prediction of ground water deposits in facies-irregular argillo-arenaceous strata.
The projects are developed under department programmes («Universities of Russia», «Development of Scientific Potential of Higher Education»), RFBR competitive programmes, regional programmes of the Government of the Perm Krai.
Dissertations: «Hydrogeological Features of Facies-Irregular Formations in the Active Water Exchange Zone»; «Specificity of Distribution of Water-Abundant Zones in the Upper Perm Facies-Irregular Formations in the Perm Krai»; «Methodology of the Study of Ground Water Deposits on the basis of Systemic Approach».
The Most Significant Applied Research Projects within Scientific Research Trend, Including Enterprise Orders
1. «Hydrogeological conditions of oil-and-gas-bearing capacity and criteria of their evaluation in tectonic regions and individual zones within tectonic elements of the Perm region». State Reg. № 48-03-02. 2002.
2. «Estimation of ground water reserves in Travninskoe oil field for technological purposes ». LLC «UralOil». 2006.
3. «Estimation of gGround water reserves in Savinskoe oil field for technological purposes». LLC «UralOil». 2006.
4. «Search and estimation of fresh ground water reserves for SPMG-3 JSC «Silvinit» water supply. JSC «Silvinit». 2006.
5. «Development of methodology of hydrogeological mapping for zones with excessive jointing and recommendations for estimation of ground water reserves in zones with excessive jointing». «Kirovnedra». 2008-2010.
Training of Researchers
Post-graduate programmes on specializations:
1) 25.00.01 «General and Regional Geology»;
2) 25.00.07 «Hydrogeology»;
3) 25.00.08 «Engineering Geology, Permafrostology and Mineralogical Soil Science»;
4) 25.00.36 «Eco-geology»
Dissertation Council D 212.189.01 on specialization 25.00.07 «Hydrogeology».
International Scientific and Educational Activities within Scientific Research Trend
All works are carried out in accordance with the programmes of International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH/UNESCO) and Italo-Russian Institute of Education and Ecological Research.

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