Vladimir I. Kostitsyn

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Geology
Department of Geophysics
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239-66-57, fax: +7(342)239-68-32, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Geology. 1968.
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. Perm State University. 1975.
Doctor of Technical Sciences. Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy. 1992.
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. 1975. Perm State University.
Doctor of Technical Sciences. 1993. Moscow State Geological Prospecting Academy.
Reader. 1980.
Professor. 1993.
Stages of Professional Career
Assistant Lecturer, Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Geology, Perm State University. 1968-1975.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Geology, Perm State University. 1976-1979.
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Geology, Perm State University. 1977-1982.
Reader, Perm State University. 1980-1992.
Professor, Perm State University. 1993. – until present date.
Pro-Rector for Evening Courses and Part-Time Education, Perm State University. 1983-1992.
Pro-Rector for Research and Graduate Studies, Perm State University. 1992-2002.
Head of Department of Geophysics, Perm State University. 1995. – until present date.
Membership in Scientific Councils and other State and Public Associations
Chairman of Perm State University Dissertation Council awarding Candidate and Doctoral Degrees on specialization 25.00.07 – Hydrogeology, 25.00.10 – Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Mineral Prospecting, 25.00.11 – Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Solid Minerals, Minerageny.
Member of «Geophysics» section of Education and Methodic Association of Classical Universities of Russia, 1995 – until present date.
Full Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). 1997.
Member of European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE). 2004.
Member of European Academy of Natural Sciences. 2005.
Full Member of International Public Association ACADEMY  OF  NAVIGATION AND  MOTION  CONTROL. 2007.
Member of Euro-Asia Geophysical Society (EAGS). 2010.
Member of Perm State Polytechnic University Dissertation Council awarding Doctoral Degrees.
Member of Geological Faculty Scientific Council and Perm University Scientific Council.
Research Project Management
1. Head of Russia’s leading scientific school (SS-2973.2008.5) on «Geophysical studies and monitoring of oil, potassium salt deposits and environment». 2008-2009.
2. Supervisor of research on «Development of geophysical technologies for monitoring control of potassium-magnesium salt mine development» under the FTP  «Research and Development in Priority Fields for the Development of Russia’s S&T Complex for 2007-2012». 2008.
Participation in International Projects
1. Signed «Memorandum of Understanding» with the geophysical company (Canada, Toronto, 28.04.2008); Perm State University has collaborated with GEOSOFT since 2008.
2. Curator-organizer of the students’ section of The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) at Perm State University since 2009.
Current Research Activities
Studies of technical characteristics of gravity instruments, development and modification of the technique for measuring specific increments. Calculating hydrogeological regime, topography and near-surface impact on geophysical parameters. Gravity monitoring and detecting earthquake precursors. On anomaly interpretation of oil and gas fields there was suggested a method to find gravitational effect by successive elimination of the effects of individual parts of the geological cross-section and a priori information on well survey.
Academic and other Awards
Medal of the Order «For Merit for the Motherland» of the second degree. 1997.
Meritorious Scientist of Russia. 2003.
Medal «Distinguished Geophysicist S.G. Komarov». 2010.
Title «Man of the Year – 1998». Awarded by International Scientific Council of American Biographical Institute. 1998.
Meritorious Worker of Science and Education of RANS. 2007.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 250.
Monographs – 6.
Textbooks – (with the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education of RF and EMA for classical universities) – 2.
Patent – 1.
Selected Publications
1. Kostitsyn V.I. The Use of Gravity Exploration in Search for Oil and Gas in the Far North // Modern High Technologies. M.: Academy of Natural Sciences. 2005. №1. P 100-101. (In Russian).
2. Kostitsyn V.I. On State of Earthquake Prediction // Geology and Mineral Resources of the Western Urals / Perm State University. Perm, 2006. P.172-174. (In Russian).
3. Kostitsyn V.I.  Search for Oil and Gas Reserves in the Far North by Gravity Data and a Priori Information // Theory and Practice of Geological Interpretation of Gravity, Magnetic and Electric Fields: proceedings of the 35th International Seminar named after D.G. Uspensky. Ukhta: Publishing house of USTU, 2008. P.139-141. (In Russian).
4. Malovichko A.K., Kostitsyn V.I., Tarunina O.L. Detailed Gravity Prospecting for Oil and Gas. Ed. 2nd, rev. and add. М.: Nedra, 1989. 224 p. (In Russian).
5. Malovichko A.K., Kostitsyn V.I. Gravity Prospecting: Textbook for University Students. М.: Nedra, 1992. 357 p. (In Russian).
6. Khmelevskoy V.K., Kostitsyn V.I., Basics of Geophysical Methods: Textbook for University Students / Perm State University, Perm, 2010. 400 p. (In Russian).
7. Kostitsyn V.I., Kolosov A.I. Geophysical Cybernetics / Perm State University, Perm, 1989. 96 p. (In Russian).
8. Kostitsyn V.I., Tupitsyn I.S. Methods of Earthquake Precursor Detecting. Patent N 2179326. Registered in the Russian Federation State Register of Inventions. Moscow, February 10, 2002. (In Russian).
9. Kostitsyn V.I. Perspective of Geophysical Education Development at Perm University at international level // Geology and Mineral Resources of the Western Urals / Perm State University. Perm, 2008. P. 285-288. (In Russian).
10. Kostitsyn V.I.  Educational and Scientific Activities of Perm University Department of Geophysics in the Field of Geophysical Research for Oil, Gas and Potassium Salts // The Fundamental researches. М.: The Publishing House «Academy of Natural History», М.: Academy of Natural Sciences, 2008. №5 P. 79-82. (In Russian).
11. Kostitsyn V.I. Оn Gravity Researches of Foreign Geophysicists // Theory and Practice of Geological Interpretation of Gravity, Magnetic and Electric Fields: proceedings of the XXXVIth International Seminar. Kazan: Publishing house of Kazan University, 2009. P. 343-347. (In Russian).

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