Galina A. Yankovskaya

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of History and Political Sciences
Department of Contemporary History of Russia
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239-62-93, +7 (342) 239-66-28, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
1981–1986 – Perm State University, Faculty of History.
1993–1995 – Post-graduate study, Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Perm State University.
Academic Degrees and Titles
1995 – Candidate of History. Perm State University. Specialty 07.00.03 “World History”. Candidate Dissertation “American cultural conservatism in the 1960s-1980s”.
2008 – Doctor of History. Tomsk State University. Specialty 07.00.02 “Russian History”. Doctor Dissertation “Social history of fine arts during the Stalinist Era: institutional and economic aspects”.
2000 – Reader.
Stages of Professional Career
1986-1989 – Academic secretary of Scientific and Methodological Council, Perm State University.
1993-1995 – Post-graduate Study. Department of Modern and Contemporary History, Faculty of History, Perm State University.
1995-1997 – Assistant Lecturer, Department of Contemporary History of Russia, Faculty of History, Perm State University. 
1997 – 2000 – Senior Lecturer, Department of Contemporary History of Russia, Faculty of History and Politology, Perm State University.
2000 – 2008 – Reader, Department of Contemporary History of Russia, Faculty of History and Politology, Perm State University.
2008 – present time – Professor, Department of Contemporary History of Russia, Faculty of History and Politology, Perm State University.
2009 – present time – Editor-in-chief of the journal “Perm State University Herald”, series “History”.
2009 – present time – Head of Scientific Research and Museum Audience Interaction Department, Krai State Independent Organisation “Museum of Contemporary Art”.
2011 – present time – Head of specialized Master Programme “Russian Society in Political and Cultural Context of XX-XXIth centuries”. 
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
2009 – present time – member of joint Dissertation Council DM 212.296.04. for Doctoral and Candidate Dissertations, Perm State University, Chelyabinsk State University, Omsk State University. Specialties: 07.00.02 “Russian History” and 07.00.03 “World History”.
1999 – present time – member of Russian Society of Intellectual History.
1999 – present time – member of Scientific Council of Perm Regional Local History Museum.
2008 – present time – member of Guardian Council of the Centre of Civil Analysis and Audit “CIVAN”.
Research Project Management
1. 2002 – 2003 – supervisor of the research project of American Council of Learned Societies “History of Soviet Everyday Life: the project of encyclopedia”.
2. 2003- 2004 – supervisor of the research project of Saratov Inter-regional Institute of Social Sciences “Money Power vs. Soviet Power: material welfare and political nostalgia of the 1920s and 1990s. Comparative diachronic aspect”.
3. 2009 – 2010 – supervisor of the research project of Russian Scientific Foundation for the Humanities “Social History of Visual Arts of the Western Urals in the 1980s-1990s”.
Participation in International Projects
1. 2005 – supervisor of the Carnegie Foundation research project “Socialist Realism in America: Visual Representation of Political Power in American mass media of 1940-1950s”.
2. Since 2009 – scientific supervision of foreign graduate students’ practical study at the Department of Contemporary History of Russia.
Current Research activities
Research of Institutional History of creative professions in Russia in the XX-XXIth centuries, analysis of regional cultural policy dynamics in modern Russia.
Exploration of Russian society visual culture, everyday life during the Soviet Era based on the example of the official soviet artist social group. The economic aspects of visual art system.
Interdisciplinary in contemporary historiography.
Academic and other Awards
2008 – Winner of the contest of the Higher Attestation Commission for the best Doctoral Dissertation in History.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 90.
Monographs – 1.
Selected Publications
1. Yankovsakaya G.A. “The overcoat is poorly detailed and looks a bit bulky”. Towards the question of the motivation aspect of Stalin Literature and Art Prize Committee activity // Dialogue with Time. Intellectual History Almanac. Moscow, World History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2001. pp. 314–325. (In Russian)
2. Yankovsakaya G.A. “Freedom Foretoken”: experience of social interpretation of the artistic discussion at the end of the 1940s // Russian History. 2006. № 5. pp. 125 – 130. (In Russian)
3. Yankovsakaya G.A. “Soldier came back from war…”. Postwar realia and gender images of the Soviet illustrated magazines / Winners and defeated. From war to peace: the USSR, France, Great Britain, Germany, the USA (1941 – 1950). Moscow. "Russian Political Encyclopedia" Press. 2010, pp. 284–296. (In Russian)
4. Yankovsakaya G.A. Art policy in the institutional context: the Soviet Era traditions and modern Russian practices // Perm University Herald. Series “Political Science”. 2009 № 4. pp. 10 – 15. (In Russian)
5. Yankovsakaya G.A. Art, Money and Politics: artist in the late Stalinist Era. Monograph. – Perm: Perm State University, 2007. (In Russian)
6. Yankovsakaya G.A. A book ideal of artist and painters of the late Stalinist Era // Historian and Artist. 2005. № 1. pp. 124 – 138. (In Russian)
7. Yankovsakaya G.A. The Russian society culture and its visual representation: Course of lectures and Reader (electronic text) // 3 CD-R “Courseware for the specialty “Politology”: in 3 parts”. Registration certificate № 7139. Registration date 05.12.2005. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Centre «Information Registration». (In Russian)
8. Yankovsakaya G.A. “Charm” of banality. The Soviet everyday life in the visual art of the 1940s-1950s. // Visible History. Questions of Russian visual history of the XXth century: symposium book/ [ed. by I.V. Narsky et al.]. Chelyabinsk: Stone Belt, 2008. pp. 427-436. (In Russian)  
9. Yankovsakaya G.A. Artist during the years of the late Stalinist Era: everyday life and (or) ideology // words, deeds and values. The Intelligentsias in Russia and Poland during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries / ed. by Fiona Bjorling & Alexander Pereswetoff-Morath. – Lund, 2005 (Slavica Lundensia. Vol. 22). – pp. 269–286. (In English)
10. Yankovsakaya G.A. The economic dimension of art in the Stalinist Era: artisits’ cooperatives in the grip of ideology and the plan // The Slavic Review. Vol. 65. №. 4 (Winter 2006). pp. 769 – 791. (In English)

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