Problems of Labour Law and Social Security Law Development in Contemporary Conditions

Basic Division: Department of Labour Law and Social Security
Brief Description of Research Activities
Even in crucial circumstances Labour remains the main creative power which gives people national and world social products. Labour Law and Social Security Law, determined by the former, are important for intensification of labour as well as particular international standards and domestic regulations (including the Russian ones). It is acute to research these law phenomena from the point of view of integration of interests of society, workers and employers. These researches have been carried out in Perm State University since the 50s of the XXth century. At the present time researchers study legal indirect creativity in labour, mechanisms of the labour contract, combination of principles of decent work, fair working conditions and productive employment, codification of  pension legislation of Russia, correlation between the international (including the European ones) standards and the regulations of Russian Labour Law and Russian Social Security Law.
Selected Publications Characterising Scientific Research Trend
1. Bugrov L. Labour Mobility from the Point of View of Russian Labour Law // Associazione Italiana degli Economisti del Lavozo: XVI Convegno Nazionale di Economia del Lavozo, Univerzita degli Studi di Firenze. 4 – 5 ottebre 2001 (In English)
2. Bugrov L.Yu. Problems of freedom of labour in Russian Labour Law. Perm. 1992. 236p. (In Russian)
3. Bugrov L.Yu. Labour contract suspension // Russian Law Journal. 2009. Issue 1, p.112-124. (In Russian)
4. Vasilieva J.V. Codification of Russian Social Security Legislation: theoretical and practical problems. Perm, 2009. 364p. (In Russian)
5. Vasilieva J.V. Pension Law of the Russian Federation. Perm. 362p. (In Russian)
6. Galitsina T.V. Social policy and social development of constituent territories of the Russian Federation (Labour Law and Social Security Law problems). Perm, 2007. 231p. (In Russian)
7. Nesterova T.A. State Structures and its employees in the system of labour law protection. Perm. 2005. 405p. (In Russian)
8. Malykh I.V. Reduction of labour by the employer in Russian and foreign Labour Law. Perm, 2008. 194 p. (In Russian)
9. Khudyakova S.S. Employment of population and its legal regulation. Perm. 2007. 303p. (In Russian)
The Most Significant Fundamental  Research Projects
1. Bugrov L. Tempus Tacis Project T-JEP 10773-1999 Economics Diploma Modernization at Perm State University. Employment Law. Manchester, 1999 – 2003. (In English)
2. Bugrov L.Yu., Khudyakova S.S., Varlamova J.V., Gontsov N.I. Creativity and Labour Law. Perm, 1995 // Scientific programme “Nations of Russia: revival and development”. (In Russian)
3. Vasilieva J.V. Grant of Russian Humanitarian Sciences Foundation № 09-03-00072а. Codification of Russian Social Security Legislation: theoretical and practical problems. (In Russian)
The Most Significant Applied Research Projects
1. Bugrov L.Yu., Gontsov N.I., Khudyakova S.S. Working up of employment position instruction of Perm University teaching personnel. 2010-2011.
2. Vasilieva J.V. Expertise on the Analytical report of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia “The results of the pension reform and long-term perspectives of the Russian pension system development in the aspect of the global financial crisis”
Training of Researchers (Post-graduate and Doctoral Programmes)
1. Post-graduate programme in specialty 12.00.05 Labour Law; Social Security Law.
Candidate Degree in this specialty. More than 40 candidate dissertations have been done.
2. From the foundation of the Department three Doctoral Dissertations have been done.
International Research and Educational Activities
1. Agreement on international co-operation between Labour Law and Social Security Department of Perm State University and Labour Law Department of the Ukraine National Law Academy signed on May, 6, 2009.
2. Cooperation with Labour Law and Social Security Law specialists from Kazakh National University.
3. Training course and visits of teaching personnel delegations from Labour Law and Social Security Department of Perm State University to Oxford University and Manchester Metropolitan University (the UK).
4. Constant contacts with the colleagues from Belorussia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.

The leading scientists

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