Julia V. Vasilyeva

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Law
Department of Labour Law and Social Security
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239-65-49, +7 (342) 237-17-36, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Faculty of Law – 1990, Perm State University
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Law – 1998, Perm State University
Doctor of Law – 2010, Moscow State Law Academy
Stages of Professional Career
Reader of Department of Labour Law and Social Security. 1998-2011
Professor of Department of Labour Law and Social Security – 2011 to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, State and Public Associations
Scientific secretary of Perm University Dissertational Council Awarding Candidate of Law Degree (1998-2007)
Secretary of Scientific Council of the Faculty of Law, Perm State University.
Member of Research Advisory Board for Social Insurance and Pension Provision Development under the Ministry of Public Health and Social development of Russia.
Current Research Activities
Research Social Security Law of Russia and foreign countries, international legal regulations and legal acts of the European Union in the sphere of social security law for unification, systematization and codification of Russian laws.  
Academic and other Awards
1. Laureate of the First Degree Award of the Perm Region in the sphere of education, nominated in “Jurisprudence and Economic Sciences” for creation of original scientific works and for researches which have great theoretical and practical importance for the Perm Krai development.
2. Honorary Certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science “For merits in science and education, great contribution in training of higher skilled scientists”2007
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles- 68
Monographs – 2
Study guides – 5
Selected Publications
1. Vasilyeva J.V. The influence of the Constitutional Court of Russia practice on social security lawmaking // Constitutional state: theory and practice. 2009. Issue 3 (17). P.102-107. (In Russian)
2. Vasilyeva J.V. On the problem of language of law in the sphere of social security law // Juridical technique. Annual edition.2009. Issue 3. p.396-402. (In Russian)
3. Vasilyeva J.V. Codification of social security legislation: fundamentals of legislation or code? // Jurisprudence. 2009. Issue 4. p. 109-116. (In Russian)
4. Vasilyeva J.V. Codification of Russian social security legislation: theoretical and practical problems. Perm, 2009. 364p. (In Russian)
5. Vasilyeva J.V. Defects of juridical technique of Russian social security law // Perm University Herald. Legal Sciences. 2009. Issue 1(3)(22) p. 96-103. (In Russian)
6. Vasilyeva J.V. Pension Law of the Russian Federation. Perm. 362p. (In Russian)
7. Vasilyeva J.V. The problem of constitutional provision reflection in social security legislation of Russia // Saratov State Law Academy Herald. 2009. Issue 5. p.225-229. (In Russian)
8. Vasilyeva J.V. Problems and tendencies of codification of Russian social security legislation // Contemporary law (Bulgaria). 2008. Issue 6. p.54-67. (In Bulgarian)
9. Vasilyeva J.V. Russian and international social security legislation: problems and perspectives // Perm University Herald. Legal Sciences. 2010. Issue 4 (10) p.175-178. (In Russian)
10. Vasilyeva J.V. The law system and the legislation system of social security (on the problem of codification of branches of law) // Perm University Herald. Legal Sciences. 2009. Issue 3 (5) p.171-178. (In Russian)

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