Elena H. Komissarova

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Law
Department of Civil Law and Trial
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+ 7 (342) 239-65-25, +7 (342) 237-17-36, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Sverdlovsk Law Institute – 1982
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Law – 1988. Sverdlovsk Law Institute
Doctor of Law, Ural State Law Academy. Yekaterinburg – 2002
Professor – 2005
Stages of Professional Career
Legal adviser – 1982-1987 (Sverdlovsk)
Senior Lecturer of Soviet Law Department of All-USSR Institute of Professional Development of Specialists in Nonferrous Metallurgy.  (Sverdlovsk) 1988-1995
Reader of Department of Civil Law of Tyumen Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. 1996-2005
Professor of Department of Civil Law of Tyumen Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. 2005-2010
Professor of Department of Civil Law and Trial of Perm State University. 2010 till now.
Membership in Academic Councils, State and Public Associations
Member of Tomsk University Dissertational Council Awarding Higher Academic Degrees
Current Research Activities
Research of the problem of principles in Civil Law and Legislation, and the problems of unilateral termination of the treaty relations. 
Academic and other Awards
Meritorious Scientist of Russia - 2010
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 70
Monographs – 4
Study guides – 7
Selected Publications
1. Komissarova E.H. Idea of national programmes and their interpretation by law // Omsk University Herald. The Law” 2007. Issue 24(13) p.13-19. (In Russian)
2. Komissarova E.H. Commercial activity of non-profit organizations (on the example Federal Entity) // Legal Science and law enforcement practice. 2007. Issue 2(3) p.40-46. (In Russian)
3. Komissarova E.H. Methodological aspects in studying of Civil Law principals // Modern Law. 2010. Issue 8. p.21-33. (In Russian)
4. Komissarova E.H. Unnamed ways of obligation security: monograph. Moscow: «Aspect-Press» Press, 2008. 144 p. (In Russian)
5. Komissarova E.H. On dual nature of Russian Notarial System and other forms of notarial acts (on the problem of notarial act standards in Russia) // Tyumen Duma Herald (special issue) 2008. Issue 6. p.18-29. (In Russian)
6. Komissarova E.H. On main principals of civil legislation // The Journal of Russian Law. Issue 5, 2001. p.13-20. (In Russian)
7. Komissarova E.H. The right to business activity as part of the legal personality for the right of the non-profit entity // Civilist. 2010. Issue 2 p.43-50. (In Russian)
8. Komissarova E.H. Legal importance and the role of notarial practice// Notarial Herald. 2007. Issue 9. p.17-21. (In Russian)
9. Komissariva E.H. Legal personality of non-profit entities // Saratov Law Academy Herald. 2010. Issue 3 p.34-45. (In Russian)
10. Kpmissarova E.H. Principles in law and main principles in Civil Law: monograph / Tyumen State Institute of World Economy, Management and Law. Tyumen, 2001. 128p. (In Russian)
11. Komissarova E.H. Repudiation of a contract and denunciation: legislative correlation / Russian Law Journal. 2000. Issue 4. p.34-41. (In Russian)
12. Komissarova E.H. Family Law (study guide: texts, schemes and comment) / Tyumen State Institute of World Economy, Management and Law. Tyumen, 2001. (In Russian)
13. Komissarova E.H. Cession in civil Liability // The Journal of Russian Law. 2000. Issue 7. p.40-49. (In Russian)
14. Komissarova E.H., Volinkina M.V. Civil Law. Part 1. Study guide. Accepted by the Ministry of Science and Education of Russia for students of specialty 030501 “Law”, Moscow: “Aspect” Press. 2005. 204p. (In Russian)
15. Komissarova E.H., Mishunina A.A. Scientific schools as a component of educational system:  the past and the present // Policy of Law and legal life. 2009. Issue 1. p.147-154. (In Russian)
16. Komissarova E.H., Muratova S.A. Theoretical and practical comment of the Russia Civil Code regulations on civil liability. Moscow. MS Press, 2003. 129p. (In Russian)

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