Igor N. Shardakov

1 Akademika Koroleva, Perm 614013 Russian Federation, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (UB RAS).
15 Bukireva, Perm 614990 Russian Federation, Perm State National Research University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Department of Continuum Mechanics and Computational Technologies
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 237 83 18, Fax +7 (342) 237 84 87, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm Polytechnical Institute, Faculty of “Aircraft Engines”, Specialty:  “Dynamics and Strength of Machines”, 1972
Post-graduate study – Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, 1975
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1975, Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 1991, Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering
Professor, 1996.
Stages of Professional Career
Senior Research Fellow, Senior Lecturer, Reader of Department of “Dynamics and Strength of Machines”, Perm Polytechnical Institute, 1975-1984.
Research Fellow, Leading Research Fellow, Major Research Fellow, Head of Laboratory, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of UB RAS, 1984 – up to now.
Professor of Department of Continuum Mechanics and Computational Technologies, Perm State University, 1991 – up to now.
Head of  Department of Continuum Mechanics and Computational Technologies Branch Office of Perm State University, at the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of UB RAS, 1995 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of Russian National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Member of Joint Academic Council on Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics of Presidium of UB RAS
Member of UB RAS Perm Research Centre  Presidium
Member of three Dissertation Councils of Perm State National Research University for 01.04.07, Speciality – “Condensed Matter Physics”, of Dissertation Council of Continuum Mechanics Institute of UB RAS for Specialty 01.02.04. – “Solid Mechanics of  Deformable Solids” and Dissertation Councils of Perm State Research Polytechnical University for 05.13.05 and 01.02.04 – Specialties “Solid Mechanics”
Member of the Editorial Board of “Computational Continuum Mechanics” journal
Member of RFBR Advisory Council.
Management of Research Projects
1. Grant of RFBR for “Development of Geometrical Immersion Method for Solving Three-dimensional Boundary Problems”, 1993.
2. Grant of RFBR for “Thermomechanical Phenomena in Polymers and Composites due to the Relaxation and Phase Transitions”, 1996-1998.
3. Grant of RFBR for “Spectral and Optimization Problems of Electroviscoelasticity”, 2000-2002.
Grant of RFBR for “Numerical Modelling of Elastic Dynamic Systems with Set-Valued Boundary Conditions”, 2001-2003.
Grant of RFBR for “Dynamics of the Electro-Visco-Elastiity Systems with Discrete Communications”, 2003-2005.
4. Grant of RFBR for “Dynamic Behaviour of Elastic Systems Undergoing Coulomb Friction, Coriolis Forces and Initial Stresses”, 2004-2006.
5. Grant of RFBR for “Vibrating Diagnostics of Constructions, Machines and Assemblies”, 2004-2006.
6. Grant of RFBR for “Development of Basic Components of Mechanical State Monitoring of Critical Engineering and Civil Building Structures”, 2006-2008.
7. Grant of RFBR for “Development of a Technique of Optimization of Technological Parameters of a System: Sucker Rod String-the Deep Pump-Tubing String, Used at an Oil Recovery”, 2006-2007.
8. Grant of RFBR for “Numerical and Analytical Investigations into Static and Dynamic Problems in the Framework of the Cosserat Continuum Theory”, 2007-2009.
9. Grant of RFBR for “Development of Fiber Optical Sensor Designed for Controlling(Monitoring) the Deformation State of Engineering Constructions”, 2007-2008.
10. Grant of RFBR for “Parameter Identification for Elastic and Viscoelastic Models Using Contemporary Experimental Opportunities and Computational Technologies”, 2009-2011.
Participation in International Projects
Contributor to the Project under the Grant of Soros, 1995.
Participant of theREC-009 project of “Non-Equilibrium Transitions in Continuous Media”, 2001  – up to now.
Grant of CRDF, 2002-2008.
Participant of МNТC No.2021 “Magnetic Effects in Liquid Metal Flows”, 2000-2008.
Participant of Russia-India project under RFBR for “Control of Dynamic Characteristics, Forming and Vibration of Smart Structures with Piezoelectric Materials on the Basis of Numerical and Experimental Study”, 2009-2010.
Current Research Activities
Theory of Elasticity: Analytical and numerical solutions of static and dynamic problems of asymmetric theory of elasticity; experimental study of the couple stress behavior of elastic bodies.
Theory of Viscoelasticity: numerical methods of solving the problems of linear viscoelasticity .
Thermomechanics: simulation of thermomechanic behaviour of polymers and polymer based composites taking into account phase and relaxation transitions in material.
Numerical methods:  in Solid Mechanics.
Monitoring: design and development of automated systems for deformation monitoring of critical engineering and building structures.
Academic and other Awards
Pozdeev Prize of the Perm Region for a series of works in the field of solid mechanics, 1998
Total Number of Publications – 326.
Research articles – 309.
Monographs – 3.
Textbooks (tutorials) – 5.
Inventors’ certificates and Patents – 9.
Selected Publications
1. Trufanov N.А, Matveenko V.P., Shardakov I.N. Method of Geometric Immersion in Elasticity Theory. Ekaterinburg: UB RAS, 1999. 298p. (In Russian)
2. Adamov А.А., Matveenko В.P., Trufanov N.А., Shardakov I.N. Methods of Applied Viscoelasticity. Ekaterinburg, UB RAS, 2003. 411 p. (In Russian)
3. Matveenko V.P., Smetannikov О.Yu., Trufanov N.М., Shardakov I.N. Thermomechanics of Polymer Materials in Relaxation Transition. М.: Physmatlit, 2009. 174 p. (In Russian)
4. Kulesh М.А., Matveenko V.P., Shardakov I.N. Construction and Analysis of Analytical Solution for Rayleigh Surface Wave within Cosserat Continuum // Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. 2005. Vol. 46, No. 4. pp. 116-124. (In Russian)
5. Kulesh М.А., Matveenko V.P., Shardakov I.N. On Propagation of Elastic Surface Waves in Cosserat Medium// RAS Proceedings. Mechanics. 2005. Vol. 405, No. 2. pp. 196-198.
6. Matveenko V.P., Nakaryakova Т.О., Sevodina N.V., Shardakov I.N. Study of Stress Singularity at the Apex of an Elliptic Cone// RAS Proceedings. Mechanics. 2006. Vol. 411. No. 3. pp. 326 – 329. (In Russian)
7. Kulesh М.А., Matveenko V.P., Shardakov I.N. On Propagation of Elastic Surface Waves in Cosserat Medium// J.Acoustics. 2006. Vol. 52,  No.2. pp. 227-235. (In Russian)
8. Azheganov А.S., Begishev V.P., Gorinov D.А., Lysenko S.N., Shardakov I.N. Development and Rexation of Internal Stress in Epoxy Matrix Granular Composites// J. Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. 2006. Vol. 47, No.4. pp. 104-114. (In Russian)
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10. Korepanov V.V., Kulesh М.А., Matveenko V.P., Shardakov I.N. Analytical and Numeric Solutions for Static and Dynamic Problems of Non-Symmetric Elasticity Theory//J. Phys. Mesomechanics. 2007. Vol. 10, No. 5. pp. 77-90. (In Russian)
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13. Kulesh М.А., Matveenko V.P., Ulitin М.V., Shardakov I.N. Analysis of Wave Solution for the Equations of Cosserat Medium Elastokinetics in Case of Flat Volumetric Waves// J. Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. 2008. No. 2. pp. 196-203. (In Russian)
14. Matveenko V.P., Nakaryakova Т.О., Sevodina N.V., Shardakov I.N. Stress Singularity at the Apexes of the Uniform and Component Cones under Various Boundary Conditions// J. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. 2008. Vol. 72, Ser. 3. pp. 477 – 484. (In Russian)
15. Bogoyavlenskaya V.А. Golotina L.А., Trufanov N.А., Shardakov I.N. Simulation of Crystallizing Polymer Thermomechanics// Tula State University J. Ser. Natural Science. 2008. Vol. 2. pp. 117–123(In Russian)
16. Omelchak I.М, Shardakov I.N., Gusev G.N. Simulation of Soil Effects on Behaviour of Calculation Scheme “Building-Foundation-Soil Massif”//J. Volgograd State University Herald.  Ser. Construction and Architecture. 2008. Vol. 10 (29). pp. 140-142. (In Russian)
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18. Tsvetkov R.V., Shardakov I.N. Automated Measuring System to Monitor Uneven Settlement of Buildings and Structures // Volgograd University Journal. Ser. Construction and Architecture. 2008. Vol. 10 (29). pp. 128-134. (In Russian)
19. Kulesh М.А., Grekova Е.F., Shardakov I.N. A Problem on Propagation of Surface Wave in Cosserat Reduced Medium// Journal of Acoustics. 2009. Vol. 55, No. 2. pp. 216-225. (In Russian)
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21. Shardakov I.N., Wasserman I.N. Numerical modelling of Vibrations of a Sucker Rod String// Journal of Sound and Vibration. 2009. Nos. 10. 11.(In English)

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