Svetlana L. Mishlanova

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
Department of Language Teaching Methods
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7-(342)-239-64-77, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State Medical Institute, Faculty of Hygiene and Sanitation, 1989.
Perm State University, Faculty of Philology, 1994.
Post-graduate Study, Perm State University, 1998.
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Philology, Perm State University, 1998.
Doctor of Philology, Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003.
Reader – 2007.
Professor – 2008.
Stages of Professional Career
Doctor of school department of Perm Pediatric Clinic of the City Clinical Hospital for Children № 15, 1989-1994.
Post-graduate Student, Department of General Linguistics, Perm State University, 1995-1998.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Perm State Medical Academy, 1998-2004.
Reader, Department of Foreign Languages, Perm State Medical Academy, 2004-2007.
Professor, Department of English Philology, Perm State University, 2003 - present time.
Head of Department of Language Teaching Methods, Perm State University, 2007 - present time.
Membership in Academic Councils, State and Public Associations
Member of Perm State University Dissertation Council for Philological Sciences, specialties 10.02.12. “Language Theory”, 10.02.01. “Russian Language”, 10.01.01. “Russian Literature”. Since 2008.
Scientific Secretary of Perm University Dissertation Council for Doctoral Theses. Since 2009.
Member of Scientific Council of Perm State University and the Scientific Council of Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures.
Member of Methodological Council of Perm State University and Head of the Methodological Commission of Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures.
Member of Editorial Board of the Journal “Perm University Herald. Russian and Foreign Philology” and “Perm University Journal”.
Research Projects Management
“Computer modelling of the term system of innovations and technical modernisation of Economics (based on Russian, English, German, French and Spanish)”, Stages 1-2, 2011-2012.
Participation in International Projects
1. Joint Project of advanced professional development for application of new educational technologies in higher education (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, 2007).
2. Joint Project of advanced professional development for methodology of Foreign Languages and Cultural Studies teaching (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany, Lüneburg) 2008, 2009, 2011.  
3. Participation in the National Communication Association (the USA, Chicago, 2009).
4. Participation in the European Symposium on Language for Special Purposes (Finland, Vaasa 2001; Germany, Hamburg 2007; Denmark, Aarhus 2008).
5. Participation in the Project “Cognitive Modelling in Linguistics’ (Bulgaria, Sofia 2007; Romania, Constanta 2009; Croatia, Dubrovnik 2010).
6. Participation in the Project “Image of Sister-Cities in the mind of Russians and foreigners” (Devoted to the 20th anniversary of sworn brotherhood with Oxford and the 15th anniversary of sworn brotherhood with Louisville).
Current Research Activities
Development and lecturing of the following courses: “Methods and Technologies of Professional Activity”, “Theory of Text”, “Information and Communication Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching”, “Acute Problems of English Philology”, “Acute Problems of Language Teaching”.
Scientific interests: Cognitive Linguistics, Terminology Science and Modelling of Term Systems, Discourse Analysis, Cross-cultural Communication, Computer Technologies in Language Teaching.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 220.
Monographs – 7.
Study Guides – 12.
Selected Publications
1. Mishlanova S.L. Metaphor in medical discourse / Perm State University. Perm, 2002. 160 p. (In Russian)
2. Alexeeva L.M. Mishlanova S.L. Medical discourse: theoretical foundations and methods of analysis / Perm State University. Perm, 2002. 200 p. (In Russian)
3. Mishlanova S.L., Utkina T.I. Metaphor in scientific and popular medical discourse (semiotic, cognitive-communicative and pragmatic aspects) / Perm State University. Perm, 2008. 428 p. (In Russian)
4. Mishlanova S.L., Khrustaleva M.A. Interference: cognitive-discourse analysis of synonymy / Perm State University. Perm, 2009. 204 p. (In Russian)
5. Mishlanova S.L.  Terminology Science in the XXIst century: history and tendencies // Philological Sciences. 2003. Iss. 2. pp. 94-101. (In Russian)
6. Feldblum I.V., Mishlanova S.L. “Epidemic” vs. “Epidemiological”: linguistic aspects of epidemiological terminology // Journal of Microbiology, Epidemiology and Immunology. Iss. 5. 2003. pp. 62-65. (In Russian)
7. Mishlanova S.L.  Modification of the concept in the process of translation // S.A. Pushkin Leningrad University Herald. Philology. Iss. 1 (Vol. 1). 2010. pp. 128-139. (In Russian)
8. Mishlanova S. Comparative Study of Metaphor in Russian, English and German Scientific Medical Discourse // Resumes-Abstracts from XVIIth International Congress of Linguists, Prague July 24-29, 2003/ Edited by Eva Hajicova. Prague, Prague University, 2003. pp. 416. (In English)
9. Mishlanova S. Metaphor in medical discourse // Russian Terminology Science (1992-2002). IITF Series 12. TermNet Publisher. International Network for Terminology. Vienna, 2004. pp. 266-279. (In English)
10. Mishlanova S., Polyakova S., Utkina T. Metaphor modelling in different types of discourse: comparative aspect // Text Processing and Cognitive Technologies. Collection of papers. Iss. 19. Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics: Proceedings of the XII International Conference. Dubrovnik, 2010. pp. 243-245. (In English)

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