Vladimir A. Salimovsky

Perm State University
Faculty of Philology
Department of Verbal Communication
15, Bukireva Street, Perm 614990
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7-(342)-23-96-887, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
1979 – Perm State University, Faculty of Philology.
1986 – Post-graduate Programme, Perm State University.
1997 – Doctoral Programme, Ural State University (Yekaterinburg).
Аcademic Degrees and Titles
1987 – Candidate of Philology, Saratov State University.
1991 – Reader, Perm State University.
2002 – Doctor of Philology, Ural State University (Yekaterinburg).
Stages of Professional Career
Assistant, Department of Russian Language and General Linguistics, Perm State University.
Reader, Department of Russian Language and General Linguistics, Perm State University.
Professor, Department of Russian Language and Stylistics, Perm State University.
Professor, Department of Verbal Communication, Faculty of Philology, Perm State University.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of the Scientific Council of Perm State University.
Member of the Dissertation Council of Perm State University (Д. 212.189.11).
Editor-in-chief of the inter-university symposium book “I and Other in text”.
Member of Editorial Board of the journal “Perm State Herald. Russian and foreign philology”.
Research Project Management
2001 – The grant of Russian Foundation for the Humanities “Discourse of War as anti-culture (case study of the Perm Region mass media texts)”.
Current Research Activities
Investigation of problems of Genre Studies, Functional Stylistics, Discourse Analysis, Forensic Linguistics.
Participation in the International Stylistic Commission established by the Linguistics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Participation in the work of the creative group of Perm State University and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the process of editing of the international collection of papers “I and the Other in text” (Perm, Ljubljana, Iss. 1, 2007; Iss. 2, 2009).
Academic and other Awards
2010 – Diploma of Honour of the Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Opole.
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – 123.
Monographs – 2.
Textbooks (Study Guides) – 3.
Selected Publications
1. Salimovsky V.A. Communication situation and principles of reality designation // I and the Other in the text. Perm, Ljibljana, 2007. Iss. 1. pp. 180-192. (In Russian)
2. Salimovsky V.A. Communicative image of a personality (motivational aspect) // I and the Other in the text. Perm, Ljubljana, 2009. Iss. 2. pp. 347-364. (In Russian)
3. Salimovsky V.A. On semantics of verbal action // Questions of Psycholinguistics. 2009. № 9. pp. 91-101. (In Russian)
4. Salimovsky V.A. Functional Stylistics in the aspect of aesthetic idealism: is the integration possible? // Stylistyka XVIII. Opole, 2009. pp. 17-32. (In Russian)
5. Salimovsky V.A. Functional Stylistics as Speech Studies // Perm State University Herald. Russian and Foreign Philology. Iss. 5 (11), 2010, pp. 202-207. (In Russian)
6. Kozhina M.N., Duskaeva L.R., Salimovsky V.A. Stylistics of the Russian language. Moscow: Flinta: Science, 2010. 464 p.

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