Vladimir V. Orlov

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
Department of Philosophy
Phone, Fax, e-mail
8 (342) 239-62-01, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Leningrad State University, Faculty of Philosophy, 1955.
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Philosophy – 1987, Leningrad State University.
Doctor of Philosophy – 1965, Leningrad State University
Meritorious Science Worker – 1995.
Honorary Figure of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation – 2002. 
Meritorious Professor of Perm State University – 2009.
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences – since 2004.
Academician of the Russian Academy of Human Study – since 1995.
Stages of Professional Career
Lecturer of the Novgorod Region Lection Bureau – 1955-1957.
Assistant Lecturer of Department of Philosophy, Perm Medical Institute – 1957.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Perm High Party School – 1957-1960.
Senior Lecturer, Reader, Department of Philosophy, Perm State University – 1960-1964.
Head of Department of Philosophy, Perm State University, Professor – 1964-1974.
Professor, Department of Philosophy, Perm State University – 1974-1981.
Head of Department of Philosophy, Perm State University – 1981 - present time.
Membership in Academic Councils and other State and Public Bodies
Chairman of Perm University Dissertation Council for Candidate and Doctoral Degrees in Philosophy DM 212.189.03., Perm State University.
Member of  Russian Philosophical Society.
Research Project Management
1. Scientific and Technical Programme “Universities of Russia”. 2000-2001. Project № “Contemporary Scientific Philosophy”.
2. Grant of the Ministry of Education Unified Order. 2002-2004. Programme № 1.5.02. “Specificities of Contemporary form of Scientific Philosophy”.
3. Russian Science Foundation for the Humanities. Regional contest. 2002-2004. Project № 02-03-00164 a/T. “Philosophy of Economics”.
4. Russian Science Foundation for the Humanities. Regional contest. 2005-2006. Project № 05-03-82301 a/T. “The problem of argumentation in Philosophy”.
5. Grant of the Ministry of Education Unified Order. 2005-2006. Project № 1.3.05. “Fundamental problems of Scientific Philosophy”.
6. Grant of the Ministry of Education Unified Order. 2008-2010. Project № 1.5.08. “Modern science development conception on the basis of the united naturally determined universal process”.
7. Russian Science Foundation for the Humanities. Regional contest. 2008-2009. Project № 08-03-82301 a/u. “Post-industrial society and Russia. Strategy of development”.
8. Unified Order: 2011-2013. Project “Philosophy as an innovative factor of science and education”.
Current Research Activities
Development of the stated conception of the contemporary form of Scientific Philosophy based on transition to the concrete-universal theory, categories and logic. Development of the conception of the complete system of philosophical categories. Work on the two monographs within the explored scientific field.
Investigation of the problems of the development of post-industrial society and Russia. The strategy of Russia’s transition to post-industrial society.
Scientific supervising of Post-graduate and Doctoral students.
Academic and other Awards
Medal “For Valorous Work” – 1970.
Medal “Veteran of Work”.
Medal “100th anniversary of Russia’s trade unions”.
“The founder of Scientific School”. The Russian Academy of Natural History.
“Man of the Year” according to American Biographical Institute (ABI) and International Biographical Centre (IBC) versions (repeatedly).
Total Number of Publications
Scientific articles – about 400.
Monographs – 17.
Study Guides – 3.
Selected Publications
1. Orlov V.V. Dialectical materialism and psycho-physiological problem. Perm, 1960. 208 p. (In Russian)
2. Orlov V.V. Specificity of sensual cognition. Perm. Perm State University, 1962. 220 p. (In Russian)
3. Orlov V.V. Psycho-physiological problem. Philosophical sketch. Perm. Perm State University, 1966. 437 p. (In Russian)
4. Orlov V.V. Matter. Development. Man. Perm. Perm State University, 1974. 395 p. (In Russian)
5. Orlov V.V. Man. Universe. Worldview. Moscow, 1985. 220 p. (In Russian)
6. Orlov V.V. Philosophy of Economy. Perm, Perm State University. 2005, 2006 (in co-authorship with T.S. Vasilyeva). 266 p. (In Russian)
7. Orlov V.V. The History of human intellect. Parts1, 2 / Selected works of the leading scientists of Western Ural. Perm, Perm State University, 2002. 358 p. (In Russian)
8. Orlov V.V. What are the perspectives of the Development Theory? // Philosophical Sciences, 1987. Iss. 12. pp. 33-41. (In Russian)
9. Orlov V.V. Argumentation problem in Philosophy // New Ideas in Philosophy. Perm, 2006. Iss. 15 (1). pp. 6-16. (In Russian)
10. Orlov V.V. The conception of united naturally determined universal process in scientific philosophy // New Ideas in Philosophy. Perm, 2008. Iss. 17 (1). pp. 5-20. (In Russian)
11. Orlov V.V. Specificity of the system of categories in G.W.F. Hegel’s philosophy // Bulletin of Perm University. Series: Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology. Perm, 2010. pp. 4-12. (In Russian)
12. Orlov V.V. The complexity problem in modern foreign Philosophy // Philosophy and Society. 2010. Iss. 1 (in co-authorship with V.S. Gritsenko). pp. 141-155. (In Russian)
13. Orlov V.V. The problem of matter in modern Russian Philosophy // Philosophy and society. 2010. Iss. 3. pp. 22-39. (In Russian)
14. Orlov V.V. The 50th anniversary of the Perm University School of Philosophy of Science // New Ideas in Philosophy. Perm, Perm State University, 2010. Iss. 19. pp. 5-24. (In Russian)
Selected publications in the Programme
1. Orlov V.V. Philosophy of Economics. Perm: Perm State University, 2005, 2006. 264 p.(In Russian)
2. Orlov V.V. The Theory of Post-industrial Society and Labour Paradigm in Social Philosophy // Bulletin of Perm State University. Series: Philosophy. 2009. № 5 (31). pp. 4-10. (In Russian)
3. Orlov V.V. Post-industrial society, Crisis, Russia // New Ideas in Philosophy: inter-university collection of papers. Perm: Perm State University, 2008. Iss. 18. pp. 5-19. (In Russian)

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