Dmitriy V. Lyubimov

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russian Federation
Perm State University
Faculty of Physics
Department of Theoretical Physics
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239 62 08, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Physics, Specialty: “Physics”, 1971
Post-graduate study – Perm State University, 1974
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1980, Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS
Reader, 1991
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 1995, Perm State University
Professor, 1996.
Stages of Professional Career
Assistant Lecturer, Perm State University, 1974-1986.
Senior Lecturer, Perm State University, 1986-1989.
Head of Department of Theoretical Physics, Perm State University, 1989 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of Perm State University Academic Council
Member of Dissertation Councils D 212.189.06, D 004.012.01 for Specialty of “Mechanics of Liquids, Gas and Plasma”
Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Management of Research Projects
1. Grant from the Program for State Support of Leading Scientific Schools "Convection. Convective and Hydrodynamic Stability”, 96-15-96084, 1999.
2. Grant from the Program for State Support of Leading Scientific Schools "Convection. Convective and Hydrodynamic Stability”, 00-15-96112, 2000-2002.
3. Grant from the Program for State Support of Leading Scientific Schools "Convection. Convective and Hydrodynamic Stability”, NSH-1981.2003.1, 2003-2005.
4. Grant from the Program “Universities of Russia” "Theoretical Study of Heterogenious Media Behaviour in Vibration Fields”, 99-22-86, 2000-2001.
5. Grant of RFBR "Generalized Boussinesq approximation for the Systems of Deformable Media Interface Surface”, 93-01-16412, 1993-1994.
6. Grant of RFBR "Free Surface Liquid Behaviour in High–Frequency Vibration Field”, 95-01-00386, 1995-1996.
7. Grant of RFBR "Non-Stationary Regimes of Thermal Convection in Porous Medium”, 97-01-00559, 1997-1999.
8. Grant of RFBR "Thermal Vibration and Acoustic Convection in Compressible Medium”, 00-01-00450, 2000-2001.
9. Grant of RFBR "Non-Boussinesq Effects in the Problems of Free Thermal Convection with Deformable Interface Surfaces”, 02-01-00701, 2002-2003.
10. Grant of RFBR-Ural “Effect of Rotating Magnetic Field on Non-Uniformly Heated Liquid Behaviour”, 02-01-96414, 2002-2003.
11. Grant of RFBR for publishing the Monograph: Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova Т.P., Cherepanov А.А. “Dynamics of Interfaces in Vibrational Fields”, 03-01-14107D, 2004.
12. Grant of RFBR_Ural “Effect of Vibrations on Multiphase Liquid Behaviour in Porous Medium”, 04-01-96068, 2004-2006.
13. Grant of RFBR “Gas and Steam Bubbles Behaviour in Vibration Fields”, 04-01-00422, 2004-2005.
14. Grant of RFBR “Theoretical Study of Vibration Effect on Multiphase Media Behaviour”, 06-01-00693, 2006-2008.
15. Grant of RFBR_Ural-ofi “Two-Phase Filtration Operation Modes Optimization and Control”, 07-01-97618, 2007-2008.
16. Grant of RFBR “Theoretical Study of Admixture Dispersion in Porous Medium Taking in Account Anomalous Diffusion”, 09-01-00618, 2009-2011.
17. Grant of RFBR_Ural “Multiphase Peristaltic Flow Hydrodynamics in Biological Systems”, 10-01-96057, 2010-2012.
Participation in International Projects
1. Grant of International Scientific Foundation “Effect of High-Frequency Vibrations on Inhomogeneous Media Behaviour”, 1994-1995, MF5000, Supervisor.
2. Grant of International Scientific Foundation "Effect of High-Frequency Vibrations on Inhomogeneous Media Behaviour”, 1995, MF5300, Supervisor.
3. Grant from “NASA Science” Program “Theoretical and Experimental Study of Inhomogeneous Systems Behaviour under Vibration”", 1996-1998, TM-18, Co-Supervisor.
4. Grant from European Commissions Program “Parallel Calculation in Continuum Mechanics. ERA.Net RUS”, 1995-1998, ITDC-203-82-165, Co-Supervisor.
5. Grant from INCO-COPERNICUS Program of European Commissions “High-Effective Calculations in Multiphase System Mechanics: Active Control of Systems with Liquid-Liquid and Gas-Liquid Interface Surfaces”, 1998-2001, 97-71-20-HPC-MFM-AC, C0-Supervisor.
6. Grant of INTAS, INTAS-2000-06-17 “New Methods of Interfaced Hydrodynamic System Control. Application to Crystal Growth in Zero-Gravity and Terrestrial Conditions”, 2001-2003, Co-Supervisor.
7. Grant of RFBR-CRDF “Gas Filtration Hydrodynamic Models and Instabilities Connected with Methane Escape from Natural Hydrates”, 09-01-92505-IK, 2009-2010.
8. France-Russia Network for joint research and postgraduate training under the auspices of French Ministry for Education, 1994-2009, Co-Supervisor.
9. Project from the “Russian-French-German University” Program “Hydrodynamics of Complex Liquids. High-Performance Process Computing, Simulation and Control”, 2000-2003, Co-Supervisor.
10. Research and Education Centre “Non-Equilibrium Transitions in Continuous Media” under the Program of Basic Research and Higher Education, 2002-2012, Supervisor of Research Component.
11. French Ministry for Foreign Affairs ECONET Program, Project No. 12674QL “Physical Modelling of Forest Fire”, 2008-2009, Co-Supervisor.
12. Grant under the Higher School Scientific Potential Development Program 2.2.2/4463 for “Non-Linear Dynamics of Heterogeneous Media. Structure-Forming Processes. Functional Materials Properties Control”, 2009-2011, Supervisor.
Current Research Activities
Study of equilibrium and supercritical modes of convection stability in hydrodynamic systems with deformable interface surfaces.
Study of parametric instability of hydrodynamic system mechanical equilibrium in simulated field of gravity for various media and heating conditions and investigation of noise effect on parametric instability.
Studying the effect of parameters, vibrations, rotation and magnetic fields modulation on  stability of equilibrium and flows of  multicomponent mixtures in layers and channels.
Studying surface dynamics of liquid-liquid and gas-liquid interface under vibration.
Study of multiphase media behaviour under vibration.
Investigation of liquid phase compact inclusions movement in porous medium saturated with other liquid under forces of gravity or layer pressure gradient, and also movement and stability of displacement front and feasibility to control these processes by application of vibrations or ultrasound to the porous medium.
Academic and other Awards
Pozdeev 1st Degree, Perm Administration and Academician Petrov 1st Degree Prize-Winner, 1999.
Russian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 1st Degree Prize-Winner, 2004.
Honour Title “Soros Professor”, 1996.
Honour Title “Merited Science Worker of Russian Federation”, 2006.
Total Number of Publications
Research Articles– 263.
Monographs – 2.
Textbooks (tutorials) – 7.
Selected Publications
1. Gershuni G.Z., Lyubimov D.V. Thermal Vibrational Convection. Wiley; N.Y. et al., 1998. 358 p.(In English)
2. Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova Т.P., Cherepanov А.А. Dynamics of Interfaces in Vibrational Fields. Moscow.: Physmathlit, 2003. 216 p. (In Russian)
3. Lyubimov D.V. Convective motions in a porous medium heated from below. Journal of   Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. 1975, vol.16, N 2, pp.257–262 (In English)
4. Glukhov А.F., Lyubimov D.V., Putin G.F. Convective motions in a porous medium near the equilibrium instability threshold. Sov. Phys. Dokl., 1978, vol.23, pp.28-32. (In English)
5. Lyubimov D.V., Zaks M.A. Two Mechanisms of the Transition to Chaos in Finite-Dimensional Models of Convection // Physica D. 1983. Vol.9. pp.52-64.(In English)
6. Lyubimov D.V., Cherepanov A.A. On the development of steady relief on fluid interface in a vibrational field. Fluid Dynamics, 1987, vol.21, N 6, pp.849-854 (In English)
7. Shliomis M.I., Lyubimov D.V., Lyubimova T.P. Ferrohydrodynamics: an Essay on the Development of Ideas// Chemical Engineering Communications. 1988. Vol.67. pp.275-290.(In English)
8. Lyubimov D.V. Convective Flows under the Influence of High-Frequency Vibrations// Eur. J. of Mechanics, B/Fluids. 1995. Vol.14, No.4. pp.439-458.(In English)
9. Lyubimov D., Lyubimova T., Vorobev A., Moitabi A., Zappoli B. Thermal Vibrational Convection in Near-Critical Fluids. Part I: Non-uniform Heating// J. Fluid Mech.. 2006. 564. 159-183.(In English)
10. Lyubimova T.P., Lyubimov D.V., Morozov V.A., Scuridin R.V., Hadid H.Ben, Henry D. Stability of Convection in a Horizontal Channel Subjected to a Longitudinal Temperature Gradient. Part 1. Effect of Aspect Ratio and Prandtl Number// J. Fluid Mech. 2009. Vol. 635. pp. 275–295.(In English)

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