Gennady F. Putin

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russian Federation
Perm State University
Faculty of Physics
Department of General Physics
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 239 66 42, +7 (342) 237 16 11, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Physics, Specialty: “Physics”, 1970
Post-graduate Study – Perm State University, 1977
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1980, Moscow State University
Reader, 1990.
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 2000, Perm State University
Professor, 2004.
Stages of Professional Career
Assistant Lecturer, Perm State University, 1977-1981.
Senior Lecturer, Perm State University, 1981-1988.
Reader, Perm State University, 1988-1990.
Head of Department of General Physics, Perm State University, 1990 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Perm State University Academic Council
Member of Dissertation Council   D212.189.06 for Specialty: “Mechanics of Liquids, Gas and Plasma”
RAS Space Council Member: Section 1 “Space Materials”; Section 9.3 Mechanics of Weightlessness and Gravity-Sensing Systems”
Member of Problem Council No. 4 of Roskosmos Coordination Academic Council
Management of Research Projects
1. Grant of RFBR_ural for “Study of Thermal Convection in Microgravity Conditions of a Spacecraft” 01-02-96479, 2001-2003.
2. Grant of RFBR for “Experimental Study of Thermal Convection in Magnetic Fluids”, 04-01-00586, 2004-2007.
3. Grant of RFBR – ural for “Study of Thermal Convection in Variable Inertial Fields” 04-02-96038, 2004-2007.
4. Grant of  RFBR – ural “Experimental Study of Thermal and Concentrational Convection in Magnetic Fluids”, 07-08-96039, 2007-2008.
5. Project of RNP. “Development of Scientific Potential of the Higher School”, 2005-2006.
Participation in International Projects
REC “Non-Equilibrium Conditions in Continuum Media”, Grant of CRDF No. РЕ-009-0, 2001-2008.
Current Research Activities
Design, implementation of scientific equipment and conducting experiments on liquid and gas physics at International Space Station.
Study of convective flows and heat-mass transfer in magnetic nanosuspensions.
Investigation of thermal and concentrational convection in gravitation and vibration fields.
Control of convection and heat-mass transfer.
Academic and other Awards
Badge of “RF Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education, 2005.
1st Degree Diploma and Perm Regional Prize for the best work in Mechanics and Process Control, 2007.
Total Number of Publications
Research Articles – 151.
Monographs – 1.
Tutorials – 4.
Selected Publications
1. Zyuzgin A.V., Putin G.F., Kharisov A.F. Ground-Based Simulation of Real Microgravity Thermo-Vibration Convection //Transactions of RAS. Fluid Dynamics. 2007. No. 3. pp. 21-30. (In Russian)
2. Bratsun D.A., Zyuzgin A.V., Polovinkin K.V., Putin G.F. On Active Control of Fluid Equilibrium in Thermosyphon // J. Technical Physics Letters. 2008. Vol. 34, No. 15. pp. 36-42. (In Russian)
3. Polezhaev V., Emelyanov V., Gorbunov A., Putin G., Zyuzgin A., Ivanov A., Beysens D., Garrabos Y. Preparation for the VIP-CRIT Space Experiment on the ISS: an Analyses of MIR Experiments and Ground-Based Studies of Heat Transfer and Phase Separation in Near-Critical Fluid // Journal of the Japan Society of Microgravity Applications. 2008. Vol.  25, No. 3. pp. 285-290.(In English)
4. Bozhko A., Putin·G. Thermomagnetic Convection as a Tool for Heat and Mass Transfer Control in Nanosize Materials under Microgravity Conditions // Microgravity Science and Technology. 2009. Vol. 21. pp. 89-93.(In English)
5. Bozhko A.A., Putin G.F., Tynjälä.T. Magneto-Hydrodynamic Interaction in an Inclined Layer of Ferrocolloid Heated from Below // Solid State Phenomena. 2009. Vol. 152-153. pp. 159-162.(In English)
6. Babushkin I.A., Glukhov A.F., Demin V.A., Zilberman E.A., Putin G.F. Measurement of Inertial Microaccelerations by Convective Sensors //The Journal of Surface Investigation. X-Ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques. 2009. No. 2. pp. 72-77. (In Russian)
7. Glukhov A.F., Demin V.A., Putin G.F.  On Separation of Mixtures in Connected Channels // J. Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. 2009. Vol. 50, No. 1. pp. 68-77. (In Russian)
8. Gavrilov K.A., Demin V.A., Putin G.F.   Convective Coherent Structures in the Hele-Shaw Sell //J. Technical Physics Letters . 2010. Vol. 36, No. 4. pp. 68-74. (In Russian)
9. Putin G.F., Glukhov A.F., Zavalishin D.A., Belyaev M.Yu., Sazonov V.V. Study of Microaccelerations Onboard ISS with the Use of Convection Sensor DACON-M. Preprint of Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS. 2011. № 23. 32 p.
10. Babushkin I.A., Demin V.A., Dyagilev R.A., Putin G.F. Accelerometer. Industrial patent № 2421735. 2011. 

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