Peter G. Frick

1 Akademika Koroleva, Perm 614013, Russian Federation, Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Ural Branch of RAS,  
15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russian Federation, Perm State University Faculty of Physics, Department of General Physics
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7(342) 237 83 22, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Physics, Specialty: “Physics”, 1974
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1981, Kharkov University
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 1991, Latvian Academy of Sciences Physical Institute (Riga)
Stages of Professional Career
Junior Research Fellow, ICMM UB RAS, 1975-1983.
Senior Research Fellow, ICMM UB RAS, 1983-1992.
Head of Laboratory, ICMM UB RAS, 1992 – up to now.
Professor of Department of General Physics, Perm State University, 1995 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of Dissertation Councils D 212.189.06 and D 004.012.01 for Specialty:  “Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma”
Research Project Management
1. Grant of RFBR 94-01-00951 for “Theoretical and Experimental Study of Space-Time Structures in Turbulent Convection”, 1993-1993, 1994-1996.
2. Grant of RFBR 99-01-00362 for “Non-Stationary Helical MHD-Dynamo”, 1999-2001.
3. Grant of RFBR_ural 01-01-96482 for “Helical Turbulence in Non-Conducting and Conducting Fluids” , 2001-2003.
4. ISTC 2021 Project for “Magnetic Phenomena in Liquid Metal Flows”, 2002-2005.
5. Grant of RFBR-DFG (Germany) 03-02-04031 for “Study of Magnetized Interstellar Medium by Its Radio Emission: Quantitative Characteristics of Interstellar Turbulence”, 2003-2005.
6. Grant of RFBR_ural 04-01-96005 for “Experimental Study of Velocity Fields Structures in Supercritical and Turbulent Flow”, 2004-2006.
7. Grant of RFBR_ural_ofi 04-01-97501 for “Design and Development of Prototype Non-Contact MHD-Introscopy System for Titanium Recovery Reactor” , 2004-2005.
8. Grant of RFBR 06-01-00234 for “Dynamo-Processes in Turbulent Screw Flows”, 2006-2008.
9. Grant of RFBR-ural 07-01-96007 for  “MHD-Turbulence and its Contribution to Mean Field Dynamo” , 2007-2009.
10. Grant of  RFBR-CNRS (France) 07-01-92160 for “Turbulent Transfer at Large Reynolds Numbers and Magnetic Reynolds Numbers” , 2008-2010.
11. ISTC 3726 Project for “Transfer Processes in Turbulent Flows of Conducting Fluid with Application to Astrophysics and MHD-Technologies”, 2008-2010.
Current Research Activities
Transfer processes in fully developed turbulence.
Wavelet analysis and its application to astro- and geophysical hydrodynamics.
Magnetic field generation by turbulent flows of conducting fluid.
Large-scale structure formation in turbulent convective systems.
Academic and other Awards
Pozdeev Perm Regional Administration 1st Degree Prize Winner, 2002.
Total Number of Publications
Research Articles – 243.
Monographs – 3.
Tutorials – 3.
Selected Publications
1. Frick P.G. Turbulence: Approaches and Models. 2-nd Edition. М.; Izhevsk: RDC “Regular and Chaotic Dynamics”, 2010. 332 p. (In Russian)
2. Batalov V., Sukhanovsky A., Frick P. Laboratory Study of Differential Rotation in a Convective Rotating Layer // Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics. 2010. Vol.104, No.4. pp.349-368.(In English)
3. Frick P., Stepanov R., Sokoloff D., Beck R. Wavelet Based Faraday Rotation Measure Synthesis // Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. Letters. 2010. Vol.401. L24–L28.
4. Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G., Shestakov A.V. Spectral Properties of Helical Turbulence // Fluid Dynamics, 2009, Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 658–666.
5. Mizeva I., Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G. Effect of Cross-Helicity on Cascade Processes in MHD-Turbulence// Doklady Physics, 2009. V.54. No.2. P.93–97.
6. Denisov S.A., Noskov V.I., Stepanov R.A., Frick P.G. Measurements of Turbulent Magnetic Diffusivity in a Liquid-Gallium Flow // JETP Letters, 2008. V.88. N.3. P.167–171.
7. Batalov V.G., Sukhanovsky A.N., Frick P.G. Experimental investigation  of  helicoidal  rolls  in  an advective flow over a hot horizontal  surface // Fluid Dynamics. 2007. V.42. N.4. Р.540-549.
8. Frick P., Sokoloff D., Stepanov R. Large-Small Scales Interactions and Quenching in Alpha-Dynamo // Phys.Rev. E. 2006. Vol.74. 066310.
9. Stepanov R., Volk R., Noskov V., Denisov S., Frick P., Pinton J.-F. Induction, Helicity and Alpha Effect in a Toroidal Screw Flow of Liquid Gallium // Phys.Rev. E. 2006. Vol.73. 046310.
10. Dobler W., Frick P., Stepanov R. The Screw Dynamo in a Time-Dependent Pipe Flow // Phys.Rev. E. 2003. Vol.67. 056309.

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