Alexander F. Pshenichnikov

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russian Federation
Perm State University
Faculty of Physics
Department of Phase Transition Physics, Department of General Physics
Phone, Fax, e-mail
+7 (342) 237 83 25, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date of Birth
Educational Background
Perm State University, Faculty of Physics, Specialty: “Physics”, 1969
Post-graduate Study – Perm State University, 1974
Academic Degrees and Titles
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1978, Kazakh State University
Senior Research Fellow, 1987.
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 1993, RAS UB Metal Physics Institute
Professor, 1998.
Stages of Professional Career
Assistant Lecturer, Perm State University, 1969-1971.
Post-graduate Student, Perm State University, 1972 -1974.
Assistant Lecturer, Perm State University, 1975-1979.
Senior Lecturer, Perm State University, 1979-1983.
Senior Research Fellow, RAS UB Continuum Mechanics Institute, 1983-1986.
Leading Research Fellow, RAS UB Continuum Mechanics Institute, 1986-1991.
Head of Laboratory, RAS UB Continuum Mechanics Institute, 1991 – up to now.
Professor, Perm State University, 1993 – up to now.
Membership in Academic Councils, other State and Public Associations
Member of the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciencies (ICMM UB  RAS) Academic Council
Member of D 212.189.06 Dissertation Council of Perm State University
Member of D 004.012.01 Dissertation Council of ICMM UB  RAS
Research Projects Management
1. Grant of International Scientific Foundation NRJ 000-NRJ300 for “Interparticle Interactions in Concentrated Ferrocolloids”, 1994-1995.
2. Grant of RFBR No. 95-01-00408 for “Hydrodynamics of Magnetic Fluid in Alternating Magnetic Field”, 1995-1997.
3. Grant of RFBR No. 98-01-00182 for “Dynamics of Drops Rotating in a Viscous Fluid”, 1997-2000.
4. Grant of RFBR No. 01-01-22005-CNRS for “Space-Time Structures in Inhomogeneous Density Liquids under Different Levels of Gravity”, 2001-2003.
5. Grant of RFBR No.01-02-17839 for “Microstructure and Physical Properties of Ferrocolloids”, 2001-2003.
6. Grant of RFBR No.04-02-96028 for “Magnetic and Optical Properties of Binary Magnetic Fluids”, 2004-2006.
7. Grant of INTAS No. 03-51-6064 for “Magnetic Fluids: Structural Transformations and Hydrodynamic Instabilities”, 2004-2007.
8. Grant of RFBR No.07-08-97625 for “Effect of Dispersion Composition of Particles and Aggregates on Concentration Stratification of Magnetic Fluid in Gradient Magnetic Field”, 2007-2008.
9. Grant of RFBR No. 07-02-96015 for “Interparticle Interaction and Magnetic Structures in Magnetic Fluids”, 2007-2009.
10. Grant of RFBR No. 10-01-96038 for “Forming the Spatial Structures in Nano-Dispersion Magnetic Fluids”, 2010-2012.
Participation in International Projects
INTAS Project No.03-51-6064 for "Magnetic Fluids: Structural Transformations and Hydrodynamic Instabilities". Participants: “Paris-6” University, France; Saarland University, Institute of Classical Physics, Saarbrucken, Germany; Ben Gurion University, Engineering Faculty, Beer Sheva, Israel; RAS UB Continuum Mechanics Institute; Ural State University, Ekaterinburg; RAS USC Molecule and Crystal Physics Institute, Ufa (Supervisor from RAS UB CMI).
Current Research Activities
Scope of scientific interests includes synthesis of high-concentrated magnetic fluids (ferrocolloids), hydrodynamics of magnetic fluids in alternating fields, development of theoretic models adequately describing magnetic and rheological properties of ferrocolloids with particle interactions in mind, study of structural transformations and orientation phase transitions, hydrodynamics of liquid and gaseous mixtures, search for new effects and new applications.
Academic and other Awards
Diploma of RAS UB and Academician Semikhatov Prize for a series of works on hydrodynamics of magnetic fluids in alternating magnetic field, 2003.
Diploma of the 1st Degree and the Prize of Perm Region for the best work on mechanics and control processes, 2008.
Honour Title of the “Merited Worker of Science of Russian Federation”, 2011.
Total Number of Publications
Research Articles – 150
Textbooks (Tutorials) – 2
Selected Publications
1. Pshenichnikov A.F.,Tokmenina G.A. Deformation of Liquid Free Surface by Thermo-Capillary Motion // USSR AS News. Fluid Dynamics. 1983.  No.3. pp.150-153. (In Russian)
2. Pshenichnikov A.F., Lebedev A.V. Dynamic Susceptibility of Magnetic Fluids // Sov. Phys.- JETP. 1989. Vol. 68 (3). pp. 498-502.
3. Pshenichnikov A.F. Equilibrium Magnetization of Concentrated Ferrocolloids // J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 1995. Vol.145. pp. 319-326.
4. Pshenichnikov A.F., Mekhonoshin V.V. and Lebedev A.V. Magneto-Granulometric Analysis of Concentrated Ferrocolloids // J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 1996. Vol.161. pp.94-102.
5. Buzmakov V.M. and Pshenichnikov A.F. On the Structure of Microaggregates in Magnetite Colloids // J. Colloid Interface Sci. 1996. Vol.182. pp.63-70.
6. Pshenichnikov A.F., Lebedev A.V. Tangential Stresses at the Magnetic Fluid Boundary and Rotational Effect // Magnetohydrodynamics. 2000. Vol.36, No.4. pp. 317-326.
7. Pshenichnikov A.F., Mekhonoshin V.V. Cluster Structure and the First Order Phase Transition in Dipolar Systems: Monte Carlo Simulation // Eur. Phys. J. E. 2001.Vol. 6. pp. 399-407.
8. Pshenichnikov A.F. and Lebedev A.V. Low-Temperature Susceptibility of Concentrated Magnetic Fluids // J. Chem. Phys. 2004. Vol. 121, No. 11. pp. 5455-5467.   
9. Pshenichnikov A.F., Fedorenko A.A. Chain-Like Aggregates in Magnetic Fluids // J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 2005. Vol. 292. pp. 332-344.  
10. Lakhtina E.V., Pshenichnikov A.F. Dispersion of Magnetic Susceptibility and the Microstructure of Magnetic Fluid // Colloid Journal, 2006. Vol. 68, No 3, pp. 294-303.
11. Pshenichnikov A.F. A Mutual-Inductance Bridge for Analysis of Magnetic Fluids // Instruments and Experimental Techniques. 2007. Vol. 50, No 4, pp. 509-514.
12. Ivanov A.O., Kantorovich S.S., Reznikov E.N., Holm C., Pshenichnikov A.F., Lebedev A.V., Chremos A. and Camp P.J.. Magnetic Properties of Polydisperse Ferrofluids: A Critical Comparison Between Experiment, Theory, and Computer Simulation // Phys. Rev. E 2007. Vol. 75, 061405.
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