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Languages (including abstracts): Russian; title, annotation, key words, information about the authors in Russian and in English
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Scientific periodical journal Geographical Bulletin was established in 2005 and is published as an independent edition.

The founder of the journal is a Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Perm State National Research University» (formerly the State educational institution of higher education "Perm State University"). Responsible releaser for the edition - the Faculty of Geography.

Brief description
Journal of the Faculty of Geography of the Perm State National Research University, which publishes scientific articles containing original author's ideas and research results on a geographical theme: the solution of theoretical problems of geography, the study of the laws of natural and social territorial systems, research in the physical, social and economic geography, hydrology, meteorology, ecology and natural resources, tourism and local history, as well as important materials for industry geographic disciplines, history of science, interdisciplinary connections, review of the literature, reviews of monographs, textbooks, collections of scientific papers, case reviews and detailed information about the events scientific life of the profile of publications both in Russia and abroad.

Editor-in-Chief: Aleksandr I. Zyryanov, Doctor of Geographic Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Geography, Head of Tourizm Department; Perm State University;
Tel.: +7 (342) 239-66-01;
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