Psychology of Pedagogical Interaction Style: polysystem approach

Brief Description of Research Activities  
The problem of research of the individual pedagogical style rooted in V.S. Merlin’s school in the context of solving the problem of the individual style of activity change on the basis of the special, objective specificity typical of different kinds of activity. The researches of the interaction style are variable and diverse, and sometimes contradictory. Since the researches of the interaction style lack integrity it is necessary to develop an integrated, unified theory of the pedagogical interaction style. Study of nature, regularities, factors and conditions of the style development is determined both by the necessity for further elaboration and development of the theory of style, integral individuality and its metaindividual world and by the need to reveal the creative potential of the pedagogue on the basis of hisher specificity of individuality in the interaction with children as active subjects of hisher interpersonal space.
Selected Publications Characterising Scientific Research Trend
Ismagilova A.G. Psychology of the pedagogical interaction style: polysystem research. Perm, 2003, 272p. (In Russian)
Ismagilova A.G. Pedagogical interaction style in the structure of polysystem interaction of the individuality // Polysystem research of human’s individuality / edited by B.A. Vyatkin, 2005, p. 143-162. (In Russian)
Ismagilova A.G. The style of interaction and pedagogue’s professional development // Perm University Herald. Psychology. Issue 2 9280. Perm State University, Perm, 2009. p. 147-157. (In Russian)
Ismagilova A.G. Different forms of pedagogical activity in the interaction style // Perm University Herald. Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology. 2010. Issue 3(2).p. 59-64. (In Russian)

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