Self-regulation of Health Behaviour

Brief Description of Research Activities
Health Psychology is one of the new and intensively developing branches of Psychology. The main theoretical problems taking modern researcher’s attention are both prevention of unhealthy behavior and search for psychological grounds of healthy behavior. One of the main objects of Health Psychology is the increase of self-regulation potential of man. (V.N. Kasatkin, A.A.Bochaver. 2010).
Selected Publications Characterising Scientific Research Trend
1. Shevkova E.V. The main research trends of psychic self-regulation in Foreign Psychology / E.V. Shevkova // Cognitive Psychology: acute problems: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference/ PSU, Perm, 2008. (In Russian)
2. Shevkova E.V. The role of volitional qualities of character in self-regulation of healthy behavior / E.V. Shevkova // Social notions and the youth self-determination in the changing world: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference / Saratov State University, Saratov, 2009. (In Russian)

The leading scientists

Elena V. Shevkova

15 Bukireva, Perm 614990, Russia
Perm State University
Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
Department of General and Clinical Psychology
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