Bachelor Programme 020700.62 “Geology” (Faculty of Geology)

Educational Cycles
Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (25-35 academic credits).
Compulsory Subjects: History, Philosophy, Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French), Economics, Profession basics, Russian language and Speech standards.
Optional Subjects: Culturology, Jurisprudence, Psychology and pedagogics, Sociology.
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Cycle (55-65 academic credits).
Compulsory Subjects: Computer science, Mathematics, Fundamental geology, Physics, Nuclear physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Geomorphology and overburden fundamental geology, Geophysical methods of exploration and geophysical data processing.
Optional Subjects: Geoinformation systems (GIS) in geology, Hydrogeoecology, Engineering geology data processing, Mathematic methods in geology, Mathematic methods in hydrogeology and engineering geology, Fundamental biology, Physical and colloid chemistry.
Professional Training Cycle (110-120 academic credits).
Compulsory Subjects: Principles of personal and social safety, Geodesy, Geology of Russia, Geology and geochemistry of oil and gas, Geology of mineral deposits, Geotectonics, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Engineering geology and cryopedology, Historical geology and paleontology principals, Lithology, Mineralogy and crystallography principles, Petrography, Legal foundations, economics and organization of geological prospecting, Structural geology and mapping, Ecological Geology, Cryopedology, Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemistry, Pedology, Underground water dynamics, Engineering geodynamics, Hydrogeological, engineering-geological and cryopedological methods of exploration, Soil mechanics.
Optional Subjects: Engineering karst study, Karst study, Mineral waters, Technical rock melioration, Regional hydrogeology, Regional engineering geology.
Physical Culture (2 academic credits).
Educational and Work Practice and/or Research and Development (25-35 academic credits).
Final State Certification (5-10 academic credits).
Elective Courses (10 academic credits).
Geopolitics and history, Hydrology and climatology, Soil science, Organic chemistry.

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