Bachelor Programme 021000.62 “Geography” (Faculty of Geography)

Humanitarian, social and economic disciplines (30-40 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Philosophy, History, Foreign language (English), Introduction to Socio-Economic geography, Political sciences, Law sciences, Psychology and Pedagogy,  Russian language and culture of speech, Sociology, Economics.
Elective modules: Market of stocks, Territory organization of society.
Mathematic and natural sciences (40-50 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Geographic information systems, Informatics, Information technologies, Mathematics, General biology, General ecology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Math-methods of geography, Probability theory and math-statistics.
Elective modules: Social ecology, Social ecological systems.
Professional disciplines (120-130 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Safety of vital activities, Geography of society and geographic urban studies, geomorphology and landscapes, soil studies, Cartography and topography, Physical geography of Russia and the world, Geography of Perm’s region, Geography of soil and its foundations, Methods of geography researches, Foundations of territory and socio-economic systems, Regional studies, Techno-economic foundations of production, Dynamic development, Economics, Socio-political geography.
Electives disciplines: Geography and economics of activity categories, Applied landscape science, Medical geography, Behavioral geography, Geo-indicative decoding, Socio-economic cartography, Historic geography, Basis of ethnology, Paleography, Economic and Social geography of former Soviet countries, Geography of agro-industrial complexes, Geophysics of landscapes.
Physical education (2 credits)
Educational and practical trainings (25-35 credits)
Final state evaluation (5 credits)
Optional disciplines (10 credits)
Introduction to the Economic geography.

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