Bachelor Programme 021300.62 “Cartography and Geo-informatics” (Faculty of Geography)

Humanitarian, social and economic disciplines (35-45 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: History, Philosophy, Foreign language (English), Psychology and Pedagogy, Sociology, Economics, Introduction to the socio-economic geography, Political sciences, Law sciences, Russian language and culture of speech.
Elective disciplines: Region studies, Territory organization of society.
Natural sciences (50-60 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Data basis, Introduction to the geo-informatics, Geo-information systems in geography, Informatics, Information technologies, Mathematics, General biology, General ecology, Physics, Programmer’s languages, Math methods in geography.
Elective modules: Geographic resources’ sciences, Geo-ecology, Operation systems, Environments and covers.
Professional disciplines (105-115 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Safety of vital activities, Geographic cartography, Geo-informatics, Geographic information cartography, Distance probing in cartography, Soil science, Cartography and topography, Geographic district’s division, Geography of Perm’s region, Geography of population with the demographic basis, Information’s safety, Methods of geographical research, Physical geography of Russia, Economic and social geography of Russia, Economic and social geography of the world, Economic, social, political geography.
Elective modules: aerospace probing and photogrammetry, Geo-urban studies, History of geography, Ancient geography, Fund of space pictures for designing the maps, Ecologic project planning and commission of experts, Web-technologies, Economic basis of nature management, Geography of the world’s economy, Municipal geo-information systems, Basis of nature management, Constant development of humans.
Physical education (2 credits)
Educational and practical trainings and/or research-scientific assignment (25-35 credits)
Final state evaluation (10 credits)
Final assignment.
Optional disciplines (10 credits)
Introduction to the general geography.

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