Bachelor Programme 021600.62 “Hydrometeorology” (Faculty of Geography)

Humanitarian, social and economic disciplines (30-40 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: History, Philosophy, Foreign language (English), Pedagogy, Paleontology, Jurisprudence, Psychology, Russian language and culture of speech, Sociology and Economics.
Elective modules: Organization and work planning in the field of hydrometeorology, Economics and Hydro-meteorological supply of national economy.   
Natural-sciences: (50-60 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Biology with ecologic foundations, Geographic information systems, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Hydraulics, Hydro-information systems.
Elective modules: Hydro-biology and water ecology.
Professional disciplines (100-120 credits)
Compulsory disciplines: Safety of vital activities, Geography of soil and its foundations, Geomorphology, Hydrological basis of environmental safety, Hydrology of land, Earth and landscape sciences, Cartography with foundations of topography and geodesy, Methods of hydrological measurements, Processing statistical methods and analysis of hydrological measurements, Basin accounts, Geomorphology of wood valleys, Hydrogeology, Hydro-physics, Hydro-chemistry, dynamic streams and processes, Meteorology and Climatology, Oceanlogy, Foundations of hydro-techniques, river flows and hydrological measurements.
Elective disciplines: Water technical surveys and valuations, Radio-meteorology, Basis of cartography, Climate theory, Agro-meteorology, Water balances researches, Hydrological projects support and its national assessments, Basis of industrial ecology, Hydrological forecasts, Climatology.
Physical education (2 credits)
Educational and practical trainings and/or research-scientific assignment (25-35 credits)
Winter hydrometric training.
Final state evaluation (12 credits)
Final assignment on hydrology.
Optional disciplines (10 credits)
Hydrology introduction, Student’s culture information, Basis of bibliography.

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