Bachelor Programme 030100.62 “Philosophy” (Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (42-52 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: History, Foreign language (English), Foreign language (German), Foreign language (French), Philosophy (Specialty introductory course), Cultural studies, Ancient languages, Education science, Science of law, Psychology, Social science, Economics.
Optional Subjects: Occupational psychology, Psychology of career, Social economics, Social forecasting and project planning, The problem of labour in contemporary society, Russian language and culture of speech.
Natural Sciences Cycle (16-26 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Information science, Mathematics, Concepts of contemporary physics, chemistry and biology, Media and Internet maintenance of social and cultural projects.
Optional Subjects: Contemporary problems of ecology, Physiology of higher nervous activity, Organization and administration, Management foundations.
Professional Training Cycle (150-160 credits)
Compulsory Subjects: Emergency management, History of Russian philosophy, Logics, Ontology and epistemology, Social philosophy, Ancient philosophy and Medievalism, Philosophy and logic of science, Philosophy of Modern Age, Philosophy of religion, History of the human intellect, Methods of social studies and philosophy teaching, Documents activities of management foundations, Social and cultural projects organization and realization (case study), Contemporary world philosophy, Philosophy of history, Philosophy of technics, Philosophical anthropology, Philosophical problems of natural science, Aesthetics, Ethics.
Optional Subjects: Classical and contemporary phenomenology, Contemporary analytical philosophy and science, Classical epistemology, The problem of categories in West European philosophy, Gender and feminine studies, Selection as the universal development mechanism, Rhetoric, Semiotics, Professional ethics and ceremony, Question theory, Methodological Seminar on graduate qualification work, Methodological Seminar on graduate qualification work.
Physical education (там – physical culture) (2 credits)
Curricular-practical training (там – Educational and Work Practice and or Research and Development) (5-7 credits)
Final State certification (4 credits)
Elective courses (10 credits)
Group project training (business-plan), Group project training.

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