Bachelor Programme 030600.62 “History” (Faculty of History and Politology)

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Cycle (56-60 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Philosophy, Foreign Language (English), Foreign Language (German), Foreign Language (French), History: An Introduction to Profession, History of World Religions, Legal Studies, Russian Language and Speech Culture, Sociology, Theory of Politics, Economics, Latin Language, Psychology of Interpersonal Communications, Decision Making, Theory and History of Culture.
Optional Subjects: English for Professional Use (History), Discourse Analysis in the Study of Socio-Political Processes.
Mathematics and Natural Sciences Cycle (14-18 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Informatics, Concepts of Modern Science, Mathematical Methods in Historical and Political Studies, Information Technology in Historical and Political Studies, Principles of Social Planning.
Professional Training Cycle (138-146 cred.)
Compulsory Subjects: Safety of Life, Archaeology and the History of Primitive Society, Auxiliary Historical Disciplines, History of the XX century Russia, History of Russia before the XX century, History of the Ancient World and Middle Ages, Historiography, Modern and Contemporary History, Source Studies, Theory and Methodology of History, Ethnology, Historical and Cultural Heritage of Perm Region, History of Ural’s, History of International Relations, History of Southern and Western Slavs, Methods of Teaching History, Museology and Archivistics, Pedagogics, Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space, Psychology.
Optional Subjects: Studies in Historical Politology of Russia, Russian Conservatism in the XIX - early XX centuries, Russian Liberalism in the XIX - early XX century, Political Parties in the late XIX - first third of XX century Russia, Parliamentary History of Russia, Issues of Social and Political History of Foreign Countries, Social and Political history of Sicily and Southern Italy in the V-IV centuries BC, Family Relations in the Ancient World and Middle Ages, Social and Political Processes in the East in the Middle Ages and Modern Times, Gender Dimension of History.
Physical Culture (2 cred.)
Educational and Work Practice andor Research & Development (12-14 cred.)
Final State Certification (8-10 cred.)
Elective Courses (10 cred.)
Project Group Training: Business Planning, Chronology and Metrology.

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